Free Book PDF: Management Areas of Performance

In 1994 I sat with my 2 business partners in our office conference room and we laid out 20+ Management Analysis Reports for Instructional Development efforts that we had produced for our clients going back to 1982.

We generated a model/framework of everything we had found in common across all of those efforts to help us accelerate our future Analysis efforts.

In 2004 I wrote a book on my version of that model – and then I had a computer hard-drive mishap when moving – and I lost the Foreword written by Joe Sener, a former colleague who was a National Baldrige Award Examiner, and had remarked on the parallels with the Baldrige Award.

He found it 3 years later when he was leaving his role as a VP of Quality at Baxter for a new Quality role elsewhere, and shared it with me – and I finally published the book – first as a Free PDF and then in 2000 I published it as a Paperback at Amazon.

Get the Amazon Paperback version – for $15.00 USD – here.

Go here for the free, but slightly different version – a 280 page PDF.