New Books For Sale – Starting in June 2011

A Resource-Set from The School of PACT…

“The School of PACT” – 6 Pack – 6 PACT Book and eBook Series

The intent of The School of PACT – is to help others in the development of their Performance Competence in whatever Instructional Design and/or Performance Improvement roles that they have, and have them master the PACT Processes as either adopted or adapted – for the sake of the Enterprise and its Stakeholders – to produce significant Performance Impact and Return On Investments.

PACT has 3 levels of flexible ISD – and shared, common Analysis and Project Planning & Management tools and techniques. PACT has been field tested and proven in dozens of Enterprise Contexts – on hundreds of external client projects by myself and my staff,  and hundreds and hundreds  more on internal projects conducted by my client’s staffs – and can be adapted for any Enterprise context’s needs and constraints.

The following are New Books (in 2011) by Guy W. Wallace that are now For Sale as Paperback Books and Kindle Books:

1. The Curriculum Manager’s Handbook

2. Analysis of Performance Competence Requirements

3. Performance-Based Curriculum Architecture Design

4. Performance-Based Modular Curriculum Development

5. Developing Your Management Areas of Performance Competence 

6. From Training to Performance Improvement Consulting 

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The 6 Books

1. The Curriculum Manager’s Handbook – a book defining the job in performance competence terms for adapting to your specific performance context, in an Enterprise Learning Context.
2. Analysis of Performance Competence Requirements – a “how to” book for Instructional and Performance Improvement analysts for defining the performance competence requirements and their enablers – and assessing the provisioning systems for those enablers beyond but including knowledge and skills.
3. Performance-based Curriculum Architecture Design – a “how to” book for the project planning, managing, analysis and design of a performance-based, modular Curriculum Architecture Design.
4. Performance-based Modular Curriculum Development – a “how to” book for the project planning, managing, analysis, design and development of performance-based, modular instructional and Informational Content.
5. Developing Your Management Areas of Performance Competence – a book for defining one’s managerial and leadership job performance in performance competence terms and defining the key enablers – and for designing a Management & Leadership Curriculum – and/or one’s own development plan.
6. From Training to Performance Improvement Consulting – a Process & Practices Maturity Assessment and Organizational Readiness Assessment guide – and a planning guide for moving your organization from Training to performance-based Training to Performance Improvement Consulting processes and practices.
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PACT Processes Testimonials…

The late Geary A. Rummler of the Performance Design Lab wrote (in 1999):

“If you want to ground your fantasy of a ‘corporate university’ with the reality of a sound ‘engineering’ approach to instructional systems that will provide results, you should learn about the PACT Processes. If you are the leader of, or a serious participant in, the design and implementation of a large-scale corporate curriculum, then this book is for you. This system could be the difference between achieving bottom-line results with your training or being just another ‘little red school house.’ ” 

Miki Lane, senior partner at MVM The Communications Group wrote (in 1999):

lean-ISD takes all of the theory, books, courses, and pseudo job aids that are currently on the market about Instructional Systems Design and blows them out of the water. Previous ‘systems’ approach books showed a lot of big boxes and diagrams, which were supposed to help the reader become proficient in the design process. Here is a book that actually includes all of the information that fell through the cracks of other ISD training materials and shows you the way to actually get from one step to another. Guy adds all of the caveats and tips he has learned in more than 20 years of ISD practice and sprinkles them as job aids and stories throughout the book.

However, the most critical part of the book for me was that Guy included the project and people management elements of ISD in the book. Too often, ISD models and materials forget that we are working with real people in getting the work done. This book helps explain and illustrate best practices in ensuring success in ISD projects.”

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The Fifth Management Foci: Allowing No Foo Foo in Foci 1 – 4

A $1 HPT Primer for line and staff management, that does not use language such as HPT.

For more info – please go here.

Buy it – here. $10

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Volumes 1 and 2 – Lessons in Making Lemonade

Over 350 cartoon strips in each volume. $10 each.

For more info – please go here.

Buy it – here for Volume 1 – and here for Volume 2.

These older/other Books by Guy W. Wallace – are related to PACT and the extension of PACT into EPPI – are still For Sale – and two of them are Free! 

  • lean-ISD (1999) – as a $30 paperback – and is also available as a free 410-page PDF here.
  • T&D Systems View (2001) – as a $20 paperback – and is also available as a free 403-page PDF here.

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