Book For Sale: Analysis of Performance Competence Requirements

Published in June 2011

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This “how to” book provides guidance in conducting analysis efforts focused on Process Improvement for Performance Competence – which is the Ability to Perform Task to Produce Outputs to Stakeholder Requirements. The analysis outputs can be used for populating ERP systems, process improvement design and redesign, defining jobs for recruiting & selection, input to instructional design and pay-for-performance systems, and many other Enterprise applications.

Click Here to Purchase Paperback: $15.00

Click Here to Purchase Kindle: $7.50

Table of Contents:


Acknowledgments & Formatting Note i
1 Beginning with the End in Mind: Performance Competence 1
2 Data Logic Details: The Stakeholders 27
3 Data Logic Details: The Processes 43
4 Data Logic Details: Environmental Asset Requirements and the Environmental Asset Management Systems 99
5 Data Logic Details: Human Asset Requirements and the Human Asset Management Systems 116
6 Methods Logic Details: Individual Interviews, Observations and Document Reviews 128
7 Methods Logic Details: Group Analysis Process 146
8 Planning and Preparing for Your Analysis Efforts End–to–End 180
9 Book Summary and Close 192
10 Related Resources and References 197

Click Here to Purchase Paperback: $15.00

Click Here to Purchase Kindle: $7.50

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