Book For Sale: From Training To Performance Improvement

Published in July 2011

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Book Cover:

Book Description:

This book provides a guide to transforming your organization first to a performance-based Training organization and then to a Performance Consulting organization. It describes in detail the processes of a target ideal state and  assessments of your current state and planning guides to enable you to develop a plan for moving from Training to Performance-based Training and then to Performance Improvement Consulting.

Click Here to Purchase Paperback: $15.00

Click Here to Purchase Kindle: $7.50

Table of Contents:

Acknowledgments & Formatting Note i
1 Beginning with the End in Mind: Performance Competence 1
2 Data Logic Details: The Stakeholders 27
3 Data Logic Details: The Processes 43
4 Data Logic Details: Environmental Asset Requirements and the Environmental Asset Management Systems 99
5 Data Logic Details: Human Asset Requirements and the Human Asset Management Systems 116
6 Methods Logic Details: Individual Interviews, Observations and Document Reviews 128
7 Methods Logic Details: Group Analysis Process 146
8 Planning and Preparing for Your Analysis Efforts End–to–End 180
9 Book Summary and Close 192
10 Related Resources and References 197

Click Here to Purchase Paperback: $15.00

Click Here to Purchase Kindle: $7.50


Readers: Click Here for the PDF of Large Sized Graphics from the Book.

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