Book For Sale: Performance-Based Curriculum Architecture Design

Published in June 2011

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Book Cover:

Book Description:

This is a How-to-Book.

Bottom line: the Curriculum Architecture Design process identifies all of the T&D – Training & Development (a.k.a.: L&D – Learning & Development) that “could be” and then prioritizes efforts to build/acquire all of the priority gap T&D that “should be.”

Post-CAD resourcing by the Customers and Stakeholders insures what T&D actually “will be.”

This is a proven set of ISD methods have been employed on hundreds of projects by the authors and those he has trained since 1982.

Click Here to Purchase Paperback: $15.00

Click Here to Purchase Kindle: $7.50

Table of Contents:

1 What is Curriculum Architecture Design – CAD? 1
2 CAD Benefits for the Customers of ISD – Instructional Systems Design 33
3 CAD Benefits for the Suppliers  of ISD – Instructional Systems Design 56
4 CAD Benefits for the Enterprise Stakeholders 73
5 The CAD Process Phases, Outputs, and Teams 88
6 Phase 1: Project Planning & Kick-Off 100
7 Phase 2: Analysis 123
8 Phase 3: Design 153
9 Phase 4: Implementation Planning 185
10 CAD Infrastructure and Environmental Support Requirements 199
11 CAD Supplier Teams and Roles 217
12 CAD Customer Teams and Roles 225
13 CAD Practitioner Knowledge and Skills Development 242
14 Other Uses for the Analysis Data and Analysis Data Extension 276
15 Book Summary and Close 287

Click Here to Purchase Paperback: $15.00

Click Here to Purchase Kindle: $7.50

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