Foo Foo – in Instructional Design and Performance Improvement

There Is Too Much Foo Foo

Here are links to Pages on this site with links to research findings off this site – on each of the various types of Foo Foo found often in Instructional Design and Performance Improvement, including:

Buzz Thoughts...a2


Good general online Sources for your self defense:

Foo Foo Fighting In the Online Trenches:

Check out these sites/pages for more on various topics…
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Farrington, J., & Clark, R. E. (2000). Snake oil, science, and performance products. farrington_clark_snakePerformance Improvement, 39(10), 5-10.
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Dale Brethower – Sense and Nonsense in HPT – Sense and NonSense in HPT – Dale Brethower
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Harold Stolovitch – – on the following topics:
  • Feedback leads to improved performance.
  • Immediate feedback is more effective in improving performance than delayed feedback.
  • Job satisfaction generally leads to improved performance. 
  • Successful performance during training usually results in improved post-training performance.
  • If you want to learn how to do something, go to the expert.
  • Physical capital generates a significantly higher return-on-investment (ROI) than human capital.
  • Technology advances since 1970 have consistently accelerated an overall increase in work productivity.
  • Common sense is a friendly ally of science.
Harold writes: Most research methodology books warn research students that “common sense” presents one of the greatest dangers to scientific truth and is frequently an enemy of science.
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Professor Wallace Hannum (UNC) – has a two-part article in ISPI’s Performance Improvement Journal in February and July 2009 (available for free to ISPI members) – see the following links to the abstracts and to download the PDFs:
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Don ClarkBig Dog Little Dog web site – on the following topics…check his current listings…
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There Is Too Much Foo Foo 

What’s on your list of Foo Foo?

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Also fighting Foo Foo…


For more than two decades, The International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction (ibstpi®) has been developing and validating the standards for professionals in the fields of training and performance.
ibstpi® issued competencies and performance statements for Instructors, Instructional Designers, Training Managers. All of these competencies have been updated and globally validated.
The Instructor competencies have recently been expanded to include online teachers and trainers. Some of the competencies have been translated into other languages.
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Is Your Crowd Averaging You Up or Down?

But But
Don’t follow the crowd when the research suggests otherwise.
Be wary of those who Dabble or Preach these dis-proven approaches to instruction and broader performance improvement.

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