Foo Foo About: Employee Engagement

Here are some online resources about this Foo Foo/ Myth…

From a post on the “OD Network” Group on LinkedIn – by Jackie Barretta – and her article:

Get Smart about Energizing Your Organization – here.

Research shows that most elements of employee engagement don’t actually lead to higher success or profitability. There’s a misunderstanding about which comes first, the engagement or the profits. If you’re going to invest in energizing your organization, learn which tactics do lead to higher success and profitability.

A biblography info for the article on the relationship between engagement and profitability:

Schneider, B., Hanges, P.J., Smith, D.B., & Salvaggio, A.N. (2003). Which comes first: Employee attitudes or organizational financial and market performance? Journal of Applied Psychology, 88(5), 836-851.

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The Late Claude Lineberry – 99 Seconds Presentation at ISPI 2000

One of my favorite quotes from this 2:14 minute video from Butch:

Self-esteem does not build performance competence – but performance competence does a hell of a lot for self-esteem.

(starting at the 45 second mark)

So much for that Improve the Engagement and Performance Will Follow “stuff.”

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Fight the Foo Foo

My book on HPT for managers without using that jargon!
Click on graphic to enlarge.
For more info about this book, please go – here.

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Please add additional resources – about “evidence” and not just “opinions” – either way – in the comments section below.

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