Foo Foo About: Fun and Games in Learning/ Training

Here are some online resources about this Foo Foo/ Myth…

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On Fun…

Fun in Learning vs Engaging Learning


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On Games…

From Ruth Clark:

Review of Research on Games: 2004-2009
• Found 70 high quality studies
• Among those only 5 used random assignment with control
• Important features: feedback, varied difficulty level, memory support
• “Evidence that games lead to more effective learning was not strong
– Connolly et al, 2012

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Connolly et al (2012). A systematic literature review of empirical evidence on computer games and serious games.

Computers and Education, 59, 661-686

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From Jeanne Farrington:

Seriously, the Game Is Up

Games PIQ 2011

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From Dick Clark (Richard E. Clark):

Learning From Serious Games?

RE Clark serious games researchet_june07

Media in Teaching

Media in Teaching

Serious Games Evaluation

Clark_Serious Games Evaluation

On Learning From Serious Games

On Learning From Games

Recent Neuroscience and Cognitive Research Findings on Cyber Learning

Recent Neuroscience and Cognitive Research

Games for Instruction?


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Fight the Foo Foo

My book about HPT for managers without using that jargon!
Click on graphic to enlarge.
For more info about this book, please go – here.

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Please add other links – to “research” and not just “opinions” – either in agreement or in disagreement – in the comments sections below.

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