Foo Foo About: Level 1 Evaluations/ Smiles Sheets

Here are some online resources about this Foo Foo/ Myth…

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Just how common is it for Level I results to give management the wrong impression? According to the
research, very.

From: Are You Too Nice to Train? (Aug 06) – by Sarah Boehle

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Evaluation: The Link between Learning and Performance  – By Roger Chevalier, CPT

In one case, a trainer who was rated in the bottom third of all trainers by his students in Level 1 satisfaction evaluations, was found to be one of the most effective in how his students performed during the first three months after they graduated.

While the students were unhappy about working evenings (as was reflected in their Level 1 evaluations), they were much better prepared for the real world.

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Fight the Foo Foo

My book on HPT for managers without using that jargon!
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For more info about this book, please go – here.

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Please add additional resources – about “evidence” and not just “opinions” – either way – in the comments section below.

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