Free Book PDF: The ISPI Charlotte Chapter Start Up Story 2009-2010

Click on image for free PDF.

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Thanks for the Charlotte Chapter material.  It seems to be getting a lot of + traction out there.  I am hoping that the CPC will add it to the chapter resources area.


I scanned the doc quickly and found many areas that can get us off to a running start….

  • Leadership vision, enthusiasm and dedication
  • Single location is extremely important. ISPI at UNCC
  • Programming ……. Programs drive attendance and attendance usually drives finance (along with workshops)
  • It’s not about food
  • Avoiding burnout of board members
  • Marketing is crucial – scope out the competition and identify the “who are we missing and then seek them out
  • Keep costs as low as feasible
  • ISPI is run as a professional organization, but also as a business. (Some professional organizations don’t have an adequate business focus)
  • Use of new media, distance learning, Twitter, etc.


…the Charlotte Start-up Story. Dick Handshaw and Guy Wallace documented how the Charlotte Chapter grew to more than 180 members at the end of their first year. Learn how they set up their governance, finances, programs, publications, website, and more.


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