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Misc. Links that I  follow:

Links to Organizations

– ISPI – International Society for Performance Improvement

– ISPI Charlotte



– SyberWorks

– The Thiagi Group

Links to Video Podcasts

– ISPI’s YouTube Site

Links to Audio Podcasts

– Conversations on Human Performance Technology

Links to Blogs/ Document Resources/ Etc.

– The Performance Juxtaposition Site

– Big Dog, Little Dog

Fred Nickles – The Tool Room


Links to more Web Sites and Content from Guy W. Wallace

– Lessons in Making Lemonade (a cartoon series)

– HPT – Human Performance Technology

–  BlipTV Videos from Guy W. Wallace

– SlideShare – Guy W. Wallace

More Misc. 

– The Best that I Have Got In Fully Explaining a Curriculum Architecture – here. A dedicated Page on this site.

– Guy’s Archives of Others’ Stuff Related to ISD and PI – here. From the paper file cabinets and binders collecting in the basement since 1979 – with many items from the 1960s and 1970s from Brethower, Gilbert, Hale, Harless and Rummler, plus others!

1985 New Drivers Knowledge and Performance Test – Plus Driving Agreement – 8 pages – this was a popular request from clients and associates throughout the late 1980’s and into the early 2000’s – if you’ve got a new teenager driver around the corner – this offers a Practical Knowledge/Skills Test and an Agreement Framework for parents and drivers – to set expectations about boundaries and consequences. Share in your networks as appropriate.

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