Order of the Mongoose


Perhaps it’s a bit presumptuous for me to be singling out those in my professional network who FIGHT FOR EBP in ISD – Instructional Systems Design and PI – Performance Improvement.

But here I go…

Order of the Mongoose

My network is of course limited. So I invite others to nominate and acknowledge others who they feel deserving of recognition in their efforts to promote EBP and Fight Snake Oil, Foo Foo, BS, etc., regardless of their professional focus. As long as that focus is on Performance Competence.


Performance Competence is the ability to Perform Tasks to Produce Outputs to Stakeholder Requirements.

My Model/Framework for Professional Foci

I’d like to think that this framework operates at the many levels of Enterprise Performance.


Those levels, in my framework – yours may differ – are:

  • Individual
  • Team
  • Process
  • Departmental
  • Function
  • Enterprise
  • Value Chain
  • Societal

ITPDFEVS. Not a snappy acronym, I know. :)

Performance Competence exists – or not – at all of these levels.

Along with the model/framework above are these frameworks below.

Departmental Framework for EPPI

I frame Departmental Performance using this…


Enterprise Framework for EPPI

My adaptation of the Ishikawa Diagram…


The Stakeholders Set the Measures for Processes and Outputs 

Your Stakeholder Hierarchy may differ…


The Improvement Methods Are Numerous

Here I use an abbreviated form of ITPDFEVS


My Nominees for The Order of the Mongoose

I share these names so that others might look to their work and writings for inspiration and helpful concepts, models, methods, tools and techniques.

Again, these are from my limited network. But these people have shared their expertise via their writings and presentations and audio podcasts and videos.

In alpha order…

Note – this list is currently a work in progress … as of 2019-02-03 …

  • Addison, Roger
  • Banchoff, Eileen
  • Binder, Carl
  • Brethower, Dale
  • Brethower, Karen
  • Brown, Mark Graham
  • Boothe, Barry
  • Bozarth, Jane
  • Bullock, Donald RIP
  • Carey, Clare
  • Carlisle, John
  • Carlton, John (Bob)
  • Chevalier, Roger RIP
  • Christensen, Brett
  • Clark, Richard E.
  • Clark, Ruth
  • Daniels, Bill
  • DePaul, Gary
  • Deming, W. Edwards RIP
  • Desautels, Brian
  • Donovan, Matt
  • Elliot, Paul
  • Ellsworth, James
  • Esque, Timm
  • Farrington, Jeanne
  • Ferguson, Dave
  • Foshay, Rob
  • Gilbert, Thomas F. RIP
  • Guerra-Lopez, Ingrid
  • Haig, Carol
  • Handshaw, Dick
  • Harless, Joe H. RIP
  • Hartt, David
  • Hill, Jim
  • Horn, Bob
  • Juran, Joseph RIP
  • Kaufman, Roger
  • Kearny, Lynn
  • Keeps, Erica
  • Kuehn, Andreas
  • Lane, Miki
  • Langdon, Danny
  • Langdon, Kathleen
  • Laurin, Mark
  • Lazar, John
  • Leigh, Doug
  • Mager, Robert
  • Markle, Susan RIP
  • Moore, Stephanie
  • Moore, Tony
  • Murray, Margo
  • Neelen, Mirjam
  • Papaila, Dawn
  • Pearlstein, Richard
  • Powell, Russ
  • Powers, Bob
  • Powers, Esther
  • Quinn, Clark
  • Rackham, Neil
  • Richter, Matthew
  • Rooke, Scott
  • Rosenberg, Marc
  • Rummler, Geary A. RIP
  • Rummler, Rick
    Rutherford, Scott
  • Sener, Joe
  • Schneider, Louise
  • Shank, Patti
  • Sink, Darryl
  • Smalley, Karolyn
  • Snyder, Dawn
  • Stewart, Fred
  • Stolovitch, Harold
  • Stone, Deborah
  • Sugrue, Brenda
  • Svenson, Ray RIP
  • Swinney, John
  • Thalheimer, Will
  • Thiagarajan, Sivasailam (Thiagi)
  • Thomas, Mary Norris
  • Topf, Dan
  • Tosti, Don RIP
  • Van Tiem, Darlene
  • Villachica, Steve
  • Watkins, Ryan
  • Willoughby, Art
  • Wilkins, Cherie
  • Wittkuhn, Klaus
  • Wells, Char
  • Wells, Fred
  • Wydra, Frank RIP


Nominees of Others for The Order of the Mongoose

As there are many who practice EBP in PI who I don’t know personally or of their work – I hope to add to this list others who should be followed (along with who nominated them).

  • TBD – TBD

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