PB-ISD Backyard Video Series 2020

Performance-Based Instructional Systems Design

Recorded in August 2020

01- LXD

The name game in Instructional Systems Design. The change to LXD may be necessary to shift from Topics to Tasks, but there are no guarantees. And Tasks lead to Outputs and both have Stakeholder Requirements.

This video is 6:29 minutes in length.


02- Project Planning & Kick-Off

About the importance of a formal connection with the client and stakeholders.

This video is 15:33 minutes in length.


03- Analysis

These are my standard Analysis types in my ISD consulting efforts, since 1982. A component of my PACT Processes for lean-ISD.

This video is 15:19 minutes in length.


04- Backward Chaining Instructional Design

My approach to Lessons Maps and Backwards Design.

This video is 24:11 minutes in length.


05- ISD Intake Process via a Customer/Stakeholder Interview Guide

I use a 9-page Interview Guide, that I first created in the late 1980s, to formalize my Intake Processes with my clients.

As I grew my ISD staff, first at Svenson & Wallace Inc. (1982-1997) and then at CADDI Inc. (1997-2002) I needed my lead consultants to conduct our Intake Process and develop draft Project Plans and Proposals for me, as an owner) to review and approve. So I started a rough version of what I have now and really polished it up for a 5-year gig with General Motors where I trained hundreds of their ISD staff and their contractor staff in Analysis, CAD Design, MCD Design, and Project Planning & Management.  Learn more about this here: https://eppic.biz/2008/12/24/the-cad-…

This video is 23:21 minutes in length.

Here is a PDF of this guide: https://eppicinc.files.wordpress.com/…


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