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  1. ISD via The PACT Processes
  2. Enterprise Process Performance Improvement
  3. T&D Systems View
  4. Misc

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1- ISD via The PACT Processes

ISD Methodologies & Examples

ISPI BABS – Analysis Data and Lesson Mapping for 2019-04-11 – ISPI BABS Chapter Webinar – April 11, 2019

pact processes – phase by phase review 2019-01 – January 2019 Review of the PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management.

CAD Pres NSPI Conf 1985 – 1st National Presentation on Curriculum Architecture Design via a Group Process (1st presentation was at NSPI Chicago in the Fall of 1984) that reference Flexible, Sequenced Curriculum Paths.

An Engineering-Architectural Approach to Modular L&D – 2018 Version of The PACT Processes. 30 slides – mostly self-explanatory – providing an overview of PACT’s CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design, and MCD – Modular Curriculum Development processes.

The CAD Collage 1982-2018 – 100 slides regarding CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design – For Mapping Development Paths – in T&D/L&D – Since 1982.

MICRO TRAINING SERIES – for T&D Professionals 2018-04 Wave 1 – My Micro-Micro Training Series of Tips for performance-based ISD Practitioners from my Monday Blog Post Series in 2018

PACT Client-Stakeholder Interview Guide – For use in Phase 0 or Phase 1 of PACT’s CAD, MCD or IAD projects. This is structured to match the PACT Project Plan and Proposal  formats.

ISD at 3 Levels 2018-02-18 – This presentation is part of the offer I am making to companies for an inhouse session F2F or Online for 2018. See details – here.

5 Tier Inventory Framework of the PACT Processes 2018-02-20 – This presentation is part of the offer I am making to companies for an inhouse session F2F or Online for 2018. See details – here.

The 7 Steps of Lesson Mapping – 2017 Blog Post Slides

Developing L&D Content for Performance Impact  Blog Post Slides

Maps & Specs in The PACT Processes – 2018 Blog Post Slides

L-C-S Framework Elements 2017 – 2017

Management Areas of Performance WBS  – 2018 Blog Post Slides

10-20-70 Flipped Reference Model – 2017 Blog Post Slides


The Affordances & Limitations of Elearning – 2018 Blog Post Slides

Examples of Sales Performance and Knowledge & Skills Data – PPT Show – 2018 Blog Post Slides

Example 2 of Sales Performance and Knowledge & Skills Data – 2018 Blog Post Slides

Aligning to the VoC at 3 Levels ISPI 2003 – 2003 Encore Presentation at ISPI (was evaluated to be in the Top 5 Presentations at the 2002 Conference)

Analysis for EPPI – OBM Conf 2003 – Invited Presentation at the 2003 Organization for Behavioral Management in San Francisco

CAD – ISPI 2004 Fall Conf – Curriculum Architecture Design at the 2004 ISPI Fall Conference

CAD – ISPI Columbus 1999 – Curriculum Architecture Design at ISPI Columbus 1999

CAD – NC ISPI 2000 – Curriculum Architecture Design at ISPI North Carolina Chapter 2000

Designing for the Life Cycle ISPI 2003 – Designing Instruction to minimize the Life Cycle Costs at ISPI 2003

lean-ISD – ISPI 2001 – Invited Masters Series Presentation at ISPI 2001

lean-ISD for Training 1998 – Presentation about Curriculum Architecture Design at the Training Conference in 1998

Modeling Performance ISPI New Mexico 2004 – Workshop on Performance Modeling and Deriving the Eablers at the ISPI New Mexico Chapter in 2004

Performance & Enabler Analysis – ASTD Charlotte 2013-12-03 – Performance and Enabler Analysis at ASTD Charlotte’s Day of Learning 2013

Proj Planning – Purdue Univ 2001-09-06 – Project Management at Purdue University (Jim Russell) 2001

push-pull KMS vISPI Conference SF 2001 – Push-Pull Knowledge Management Systems at ISPI 2001

Strategic Planning for Training & Development 1996 G Wallace at ISPI – Strategic Planning for T&D ISPI 1996

Invalid Practices – 12 Poor Practices in ISD IMO – 2018 Blog Post Graphics

Facilitated Group Process

The Pros and Cons of the Facilitated Group Process – 2018 Blog Post Slides

PACT Facilitation – Guy’s 12 Rules/Guidelines for Facilitating Teams in his PACT Process Analysis and Design Meetings

Enterprise Content Architecture

5 Tier Inventory Scheme – 2018 Blog Post Slides

KMS of Curated and Created Content – 2018 Blog Post Slides

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2- Enterprise Process Performance Improvement

my performance improvement methods – eppi – 2019 version of an overview of EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement

Sometimes the Root Cause — Isn’t a K-S Issue At All – This presentation is about my EPPI Fishbone Diagram (adapted from The Ishikawa Diagram) as a Mental Model for diagnosing Performance Problems/Gaps and their Root Causes.

PI From Macro to Micro and Back 2018-02-18 – This presentation is part of the offer I am making to companies for an inhouse session F2F or Online. See details – here.

Enterprise Process Performance Improvement Overview – 2017 Blog Post Slides

The Provisioning Systems for the Human Asset Enablers – 2018 Blog Post Slides


3- T&D Systems View for Managing the T&D/L&D Function’s Processes

Tuesday L&D Audit Stuff 2018 – 2006 Workshop Slides

Tuesday’s L&D Audit Focus – 2018 Blog Series Slides


4- Misc



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