Resources – For Free: Guy’s Virtual Video Locker

Guy’s Virtual Video Locker

FREE Video Resources on The PACT and EPPI Processes and Methods

– These are organized under the title: The School of PACT – and The School of EPPI – and are made available for use to all who properly credit their sources as: Guy W. Wallace.

All rights reserved!

The PACT Video Shorts Series

The School of PACT: Video Series – eventually there will be over 50 Videos on various aspects of The PACT Processes for Training & Development, Learning and Knowledge Management.

New in the Fall of 2011.

For management, analysts and designers of performance-based T&D/L&D for positive performance impact.

HPT Practitioner Video Podcasts” and “HPT Legacy Video Podcasts

Guy has video-recorded and produced a number of  “Video Podcasts” under these 2 series titles. A listing of the links for over 50 of these videos from those 2 series are available.

HPT Videos Series – Here

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Other Video Podcasts

Here are links to free Video Podcasts of Guy Wallace discussing or presenting on the topics of ISD Processes, T&D functional operations, and Performance Improvement – all copyrights reserved.

Other Video Podcasts

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EPPIC’s YouTube Page

Over 90 Videos. Embed or otherwise use – all copyrights reserved.

A Link to EPPIC’s YouTube Page

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EPPIC’s Blip.TV Page

Over 170 Videos. Embed or otherwise use – all copyrights reserved.

A Link to EPPIC’s Blip.TV Page

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