Guy’s Video Locker Drawer – Guy’s Videos & Other Favorites

Click here for the HPT Practitioner Video Series and the HPT Legacy Video Series.

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Guy W. Wallace Session on Video – Produced by Guy and by Others…

– Guy at ISPI (2009) presenting on “Project Planning & Management for HPT and ISD Efforts” – here. 90 minutes.

– Guy at Eli Lilly (1995) presenting his NSPI/ISPI session on “Curriculum Architecture Design” – here. Length: 2 hours and 3 minutes.

– Guy at AT&T Network Systems (1989) presenting the Introductory lesson in the “Product Management Curriculum Architecture Design” to the 20 participants in the 8-day NS 1251 Module: Product Management Process Training (Basic Skills) keystone event – here. Length: 9:19 (min:sec)

– This was from my AT&T Network Systems client, who produced it, designed by Guy and written by Mark Bade in 1988,  this 11 minute video introduces the new Product Planner or Product Manager to their Training & Development Planning Processhere.  This came out of the work I did for the Curriculum Architecture Design in 1986. This as the first Event in the T&D Path, and was unique at the time. 12 minutes.

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General Motors University – Produced a Video Touting the PACT Processes

PACT was branded/known as the MC/MI Processes internally at General Motors University (1995-2000).

The 11:36 minute video – here – was produced by GMU in 1997 to help “sell the process” to produce performance-based Instruction. “Processes” were very important at GM, and well understood by the entire culture. Watch and you’ll understand!


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My most favorite videos…

Geary Rummler – Performance-based Training – web link– PP Blog Post on this Video Resource – from 1981. Another MTEC video. Excellent!

Neil Rackham – Instructional Design Criteria – web link– for this Video Resource – from 1981. 10 design criteria are talked through by Neil for MTEC. Excellent!

Thiagi- Rapid Instructional Design  web link – for this Video Resource – from 2008 from UMBC University of Maryland Baltimore Campus. 1:47 (hour:minutes). Excellent!

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Misc. NSPI-ISPI Videos Produced by Guy

– 2011 – ISPI Karaoke Night – Orlando

– 2011 – ISPI Speed Mentoring Session – Orlando

– 2010 Conf Session: Closing Session & Speaker (2010)
– 2010 Conf Session: CPT Session: 4 Example Applications of HPT by 4 CPTs (2010)
– 2010 Conf Session: HPT Myth Busters: Carey, Farrington, Thomas (2010)
– 2010 Conf Session: Master Series: USCG Rear Admiral Tim Sullivan(2010)
– 2009 Conf Session: Project Planning & Management for HPT/ISD Efforts: Wallace (2009)

NSPI-ISPI Related Videos – produced by others

– Joe Harless as: The Wizard of Newnan GA (NSPI Banquet Speech)
– Bob Mager and Guests: The Perfect Banquet Speech1999
– Performance Technology Produces Results – from NSPI

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Misc. Favorite Videos: Related to Performance Improvement and Instructional Design – Produced by Others

– Will Thalheimer – Learning Landscape Video 14 minutes (2010)

Drs. Richard Clark and Allen Munro, Co-directors of the Center for Cognitive Technologies at the University of Southern California, talk about ongoing research and projects at CCT during a recent USC Rossier School “brown bag lunch” meeting. Watch the You Tube video.

Neil Rackham Video- 12 minute video interview –

David Merrill Video…6 minutes…
Great YouTube Video of David Merrill on Instructional Design

Dr. Ruth Clark – Leveraging the Virtual Classroom for Effective Learningweb link – 1 hour 18 minutes from Dr. Clark – part of the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus (UMBC) series of ISD- November 2008. Excellent!

Clive Shepherd – Welcome to the Virtual Classroomweb link – An excellent 9+minute introduction to the basics of Virtual Classrooms – November 2007. Excellent!

Rob Foshay, PhD, CPT – Receives Indiana University Distinguished Alumni Award – short intro of Rob, short overview by Rob about his background and lots of Q & A. – Recorded on September 23, 2011 – 93 minutes

Steve Wheeler – Learning in the Digital Age: the myth and the reality –!

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