EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement

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EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement 

– is Guy W. Wallace’s version of HPT – Human Performance Technology – and approaches each opportunity as an organized, predictable process.

There are 2 stages to EPPI:

Stage I – targeting EPPI

Targeting EPPI – is where a little effort is expended to conduct quick analysis and design efforts in order to build a preliminary “business case” for going after significant ROI. The potential entanglements with other processes are brought to light. Their costs are factored in to the bigger picture of “Total Investments” for “Total Returns.” Improvements that don’t show enough ROI and EVA “promise” never see the light of day or a nickel more of shareholder equity.

Stage II – EPPI Intervention Initiatives

EPPI Intervention Initiatives – is where the significant ROI promised in the upfront Targeting EPPI efforts, is achieved via structured interventions that fully anticipate all of the entanglements (efforts and costs) involved in addressing what are usually complex situations; especially for those with significant strategic and financial impact.

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office: 704- 895-6364    mobile: 704-746-5126    guy.wallace@eppic.biz

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