EPPIC … is the Enterprise Process Performance Improvement Consultancy

EPPIC – is Guy W. Wallace and his trusted Associates.

Guy W. Wallace is a Performance Analyst and Instructional Architect – and has been designing and developing Learning and Performance Support content for the Enterprise Learning context and business critical target audiences since 1979.

Please Note: In January 2016 Guy semi-retired. However, he and and his network of associates are still available for short-term Instructional Design engagements, including Curriculum Architecture Design efforts, ISD analysis and/or design efforts, and consulting on ISD functional processes design.

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Guy has worked as an external consultant since 1982 – and has now served over 80 clients – including more than 45 F500 firms – on over 250 projects. Details about those 80+ clients and project overviews for most of those 250 projects may be reviewed here.

Guy and his associates quickly conduct Ideal Performance and Gap Analysis efforts using structured, collaborative methods with our clients’ handpicked Master Performers. We then use a subset of those same Master Performers to use the Analysis data in the Design of Learning Paths … again quickly. Regarding Paths … which we prefer to call Training & Development or Performance Competence Development Paths … the secret to being quick is in using a proven process and leverage that with the knowledge and insight of a group of carefully chosen Master Performers. We then use members of those Master Performer teams to Design … then Develop Instructional and Informational Content – per the designs they helped create. Partnership – Collaboration – Proven.

Here is a testimonial video produced at General Motors in the late 1990s after initial success with our technology transfer efforts (1996-2000) – where PACT was know/internally branded as MC/MI:

Guy’s ISD and PI – Instructional Systems Design and Performance Improvement Processes are very Social Processes for performance-based – and therefore “authentic” Analysis – Design – Development – Pilot Testing and Revisions.

Using the facilitated Voice of the Master Performers – and perhaps other SMEs as/if needed.

Performance-based Instruction

Guy’s Instructional Systems Design methods are labeled: PACT.


PACT includes 3 levels of ISD:

  • Curriculum Architecture – Modular Development – Instructional Activities.

3 Levels of Design w titles

Beyond Instruction and Performance Support

Guy’s Performance Improvement methods are labeled EPPI.


PACT is of course a sub-set of EPPI.

It is important for people working in ISD to be able to look beyond ISD to help their clients solve their real problems and meet the real opportunities – and that may not include Instruction.

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These methods have been field tested in client projects hundreds and hundreds of times by me, my ISD Consulting staff, and my clients’ ISD staff, for well over 30 years.

You should know…

  • Our approach makes the process and outcomes, the tasks and the cycle times, and the schedules and costs – very visible and predictable
  • We do most of our work over 80% – for a Fixed Fee versus Time & Expense – and have been doing so since since 1982.
  • We have never issued a change order … not once since entering the consulting field in 1982.

Quick References

  • Here are our Testimonials and Case Studies that speak to our demonstrated capabilities – and to the Results produced.
  • Our Client Listing has 80 firms including more than 45 Fortune 500 Firms.
  • We have received several highly prized Awards and Recognition which are listed here.

Leveraging Your Best People

We work with your Master Performers as a group – in a Social/ Group Process – to combat the fact that up to 70% of what an expert knows is non-conscious and difficult to extract in interviews.

We use this Social/Group Process approach for analysis, design and development efforts to speed the process and improve the results and impact to performance on-the-job!

We also use this approach – the Social/Group Process – for both our Instructional Design efforts and our Performance Improvement efforts that go well beyond Knowledge/Skills issues.

Always for ROI.

The goal is always to average EVERYONE UP the Performance Competence Curve!

If the Master Performers can do it – perform at high levels – why not everyone else?

Guy’s & EPPIC’s & PACT’s & EPPI’s Back Story

Guy formed EPPIC Inc. in 2002.

Before starting EPPIC Inc. Guy was a partner/consultant/equity owner at Svenson & Wallace Inc. (1982-1997) and then the founder/ senior partner/ consultant/ at CADDI Inc. (1997-2002).

Prior to 1982 he was at the headquarters of Motorola and before that the headquarters of Wickes Lumber in training function roles. Guy began his involvement in ISD – Instructional Systems Design in 1979 at Wickes. There he was first exposed to the work and methods of Gilbert, Rummler, Mager and Harless, amoung others.

Since 1982, when he left the internal corporate world for the external corporate world by becoming a consultant, Guy has been known as an expert practitioner and speaker and trainer in Curriculum Architecture and Curriculum Architecture Design methods and efforts. He co-authored a TRAINING MAGAZINE article on Curriculum Architecture in September 1984. See more on that below.

Today those methodologies result in what is more commonly known as Learning Paths – or as we prefer – Performance Competence Development Paths – with the big difference in the modular nature and structure underlying all Paths.

Guy has been doing the architectural approach to Instructional and Informational content for Performance Aids/ Learning/ Training/ Knowledge Management purposes – all oriented to the Processes – and the Human Performance Competence Requirments – since 1982.

It’s not all about Learning.

It’s all about Performance.


CADs – known as such since being labeled as such in a 1984 Training Magazine article on Curriculum Architecture Design that Guy co-authored – bring a logic and performance orientation to both OnBoarding and OnGoing development needs. Written in late 1983 and published in September 1984 …


Guy’s belief:

It’s all about Performance – Even in a Learning Organization.

Guy also facilitates teams of Master Performers to quickly conduct analysis, design and development of a variety of blended media – all targeted at measurable results in individual, process and enterprise performance, in much the same way as described in this 1984 article that he co-authored: Models and Matrices that he co-authored with his business partners.


Guy’s teams’ work has won internal awards for his clients at General Motors, HP, Siemens Building Technologies – and they’ve also won external industry awards at ISPI for work done with AT&T, HP and Imperial Oil.

Guy first became a CPT –  Certified Performance Technologist –  in 2002.

ISPI – International Society for Performance Improvement – has been Guy’s professional home – due to their focus on evidence-based practice and measured results – since 1979.

He has served as a Director on the Board (1999-2000) and then as President-Elect and President (2003-2004). He has presented over 40 times for ISPI chapters, plus dozens and dozens of presentations at ISPI conferences – where Guy has attended 32 of the last 35 conferences.

In 2010 Guy received the ISPI’s  highest award: the Honorary Member for Life for his contributions to both the technology of Performance Improvement and to the Society itself.

Also in 2010, Guy was recruited as an inaugural member of ASQ’s Influential Voices Social Media initiative to Raise the Voice of Quality. He continued in that role until 2015.

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Guy has been published externally since 1979, and has over the decades published 14 books, several book chapters, over 90 articles articles, and thousands of Blog Posts.

Focus on the Performance Requirements – and Enable Them

Guy’s Professional Biographies

Guy W Wallace – Abbreviated Professional Biography – 2014-07-16 (3 pages)

Guy W Wallace – Detailed Professional Biography – 2014-07 (31 pages)

Contact Information for Guy W. Wallace – EPPIC Inc.

Email…    guywwallace@gmail.com

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Guy over the years…

1 of over 50 Recommendations for Guy W. Wallace on LinkedIn

Richard E. (Dick) Clark, PhD – USC – Professor and Director, Center for Cognitive Technology, University of Southern California   – APA Fellow – clark@usc.edu

“My university research center concentrates on R&D in evidence-based performance improvement and one of our goals is to keep track of the activities of top professionals. Guy Wallace constantly appears on our radar as the best current example of the consummate professional in our field.

His broad experience, constant creativity, successful work for his clients and his original contributions to our field all sum together into a very impressive career. Guy has been working in the same field for a quarter century and he could easily rest on his past accomplishments. Yet he continues to create novel and exciting solutions for his clients. He invests considerable effort and so understands both best practice and the huge body of research and evaluation that supports practice.

He also spends quality time helping younger colleagues develop and works to advance our profession though professional organizations such as the International Society for Performance Improvement (where he was elected President a few years back) and the American Society for Training and Development.

But what impresses me most about Guy is his ability to think clearly about very complex problems. He has an exceptional talent for stepping back from complex issues and generating simple solutions and insights that are both sensible and effective.”

– Dick Clark – June 28, 2009

See Guy’s LinkedIn Profile with over 50 Recommendations 

 Guy’s LinkedIn Profile – is here at:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/guywwallace

Note: In January 2016 Guy semi-retired. However, he and and his network of associates are still available for limited Instructional Design engagements. Please see the Services Tab for more information.

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