Guy W. Wallace – Performance Analyst & Instructional Architect

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EPPIC … is the Enterprise Process Performance Improvement Consultancy … 

EPPIC Inc. – is Guy W. Wallace and as needed, his trusted network of seasoned Associates.

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We conduct performance-based Instructional System Design/Training & Development engagements to produce T&D Paths/Maps and Performance Support, Performance Tests and Performance Impacting Training Content.

And we conduct Performance Improvement efforts beyond Instruction, including Job & Organization ReDesign, Recruiting & Selection Criteria, Performance Criteria for Appraisal and Compensation purposes.

We Plan Engagements At a Detailed Level

We have conducted 80% of our consulting efforts – since the early 1980s – Fixed Fee – plus travel & living costs.

We know that everyone hates Change Orders. We hated them too back in 1981/1982. So we don’t ever do that – unless the client wants to change the scope.

If your project is predictable we’ll propose it Fixed Fee. If it is unpredictable we’ll plan it in detail but propose it Time & Expense. Or we’ll plan it in predictable phases and propose it Fixed Fee in two or more stages one stage at a time.

We Leverage Your Best People

We work with your Master Performers as a group – in a Social/ Group Process – to combat the fact that up to 70% of what an expert knows is non-conscious and difficult to extract in interviews – or understand from observations and document reviews. Plus it’s much quicker.

We use our proven Social/Group Process approach for analysis, design and development efforts to speed the overall process and improve the results by building the quality in from the start for real impact to performance on-the-job!

We use this approach – the Social/Group Process – for both our Instructional Design efforts and our Performance Improvement efforts that go well beyond Knowledge/Skills issues.

Always for ROI.

We Work Collaboratively To Improve Performance

The goal is always to average EVERYONE UP the Performance Competence Curve!

If the Master Performers can do it – perform at high levels – why not everyone else?

We Focus On All Of The Variables

Our Analysis Methods tease out gaps and causes of the different levels of Performance between Master Performers and other Performers.

This is our model of the variables. – adapted from the Ishikawa Diagram.

EPPI Fishbone 14 Variables

Focus on the Performance Requirements – and Enable Them

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Guy W. Wallace – Performance Analyst & Instructional Architect

704-746-5126         guy.wallace@eppic.biz

EPPIC 2010 Logo

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