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Guy W. Wallace has been writing and presenting and both formally and informally coaching and developing others in these ISD and Performance Improvement methodologies since the early 1980s. This is his page of Resources where he shares his Content and links to others’ content on Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and Performance Improvement (PI).

This Page and the additional Pages include links to over 400 Resources that are available “For Free”  – and a dozen or so “For a Fee” – and is organized into 6 Categories, as follows:

1- Content For Sale Elsewhere

  • For Sale: Books – 17 books – many available as Paperbacks and Kindles. One is out of print but available used online from time to time.

2- Content For Free


  • For Free: Book PDFs – six books are offered as free PDFs – and please note: most are also available “for sale” as either Paperbacks or Kindle versions.

Articles & Newsletters

  • For Free: Quarterly Newsletters PDF Archive – 1986 to 2007  – the collection of newsletters from beginning in 1986 at R. A. Svenson & Associates – to – SWI – Svenson & Wallace Inc. – to – CADDI Inc. 1997-2002 – to – EPPIC Inc. 2002-2007 when I then converted to sharing via my Pursuing Performance Blog.


Audio & Video Podcasts

  • For Free: Audio Podcasts – including 12 on lean-ISD, 4 on T&D Systems View, 4 on Management Areas of Performance, several done with Thiagi, and others of Guy done by others – and shared here on their behalf.


  • For Free: The PACT Paths – to guide one through all of my FREE RESOURCES on this website for learning 1-5 of the Key Roles in my methods for performance-based Instruction/ Training/ Learning/ Knowledge Management.
  • For Free: The Lessons in Making Lemonade Blog Link – a cartoon strip about students in an ISD/Performance Performance program. Currently on sabbatical.
  • For Free: My Tributes to Many Mentors – just as the title suggests … with some overlap with the next set of content.
  • For Free: My Favorite First Friday Guru Series – a collection of 40+ monthly Blog Posts acknowledging those who have influenced me the most, professionally, over the course of my career starting in 1979. The monthly posting began in July 2012 and ended in December 2015 … with a few additions since then.
  • PACT Resources a list of links to the many free and for a fee resources about The PACT Processes for ISD – Training – Learning – Knowledge Management. Mostly free stuff.

3- Other Resources 

4- Foo Foo/Myth Fighting

5- A Resource Library of Publications & Presentations From Others

PDF and/or Links to the work of others – so that they do not get lost over time.

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Raynold A. Svenson (1939-2015)

From Ray: Appropriate attribution requested for reuse – and that’s built in to most graphics provided – but my ownership is not to be restricted to those that are obviously marked.

Note: Ray was my business partner from 1981 until 1997. We supported one another on dozens and dozens of consulting engagements, co-presented dozens of times, co-authored a dozen articles, and co-authored 2 books together. He was one of my key mentors.

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Resource Summary

My intent is to share for your practical personal use,
not to give them away to others for commercial use.

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