Guy Being Interviewed Over the Years

ISPI’s TrendSpotters by Roger Addison & Carol Haig – October 2005 – Guy Wallace on how organizations will increasingly transition from an individual focus to a process focus, either begin to collaborate with or actually merge with other organizations that promote/practice LEAN and Six Sigma, and how ROI emphasis will shift from interventions to integrated solutions. TrendSpotters – Guy W. Wallace

ISPI’s TrendSpotters by Roger Addison & Carol Haig – March 2010 – Guy Wallace on the Lesson Map of Instructional Activities. The Lesson Map of Instructional Activities is a visual, layering, hierarchical tool that design teams in particular can use to great advantage. In addition to the formalities of identifying a specific lesson and its learning objectives, this template captures the design, from left to right, of instructional flow from the Information to be presented, to a Demonstration of how the task is done, to the Application of the content in a practice exercise that enables the learning objective(s) to be met. Lesson Map Lesson Map Lesson Map Blank w copyrights 2010

Interview by Myles Runham – Digital & Learning – February 2021 – A few simple questions about how leading professionals see their work.