Guy Being Interviewed Over the Years

2021 – Guy was interviewed by Judy Hale for a series she was doing for ISPI. Guy had first met Judy at the Chicago Chapter back in 1981 when he moved from Michigan to Illinois and they have been involved in several initiatives for ISPI, including the creation of the professional certification: CPT – Certified Performance Technologist. This special feature was published in September 2021. See Guy’s feature starting on page 2.

2021- Guy as a Guest on the L&D Go Beyond Podcast

Thank you to Amit Garg for having me on his Video Podcast series: L&D Go Beyond. This video was recorded on August 9, 2021. This video is 61:47 minutes in length.


2021- Guy as a guest on the Learning Experience Leader podcast with Greg Williams

Listen to it here. It is 52:03 minutes in length.


2021- A Conversation with EJ LeBlanc

In this episode of Learn and Perform, EJ interviews Guy Wallace, Honorary Life Member and former president of the International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI). This video is 25:33 minutes in length.

2021 – Zoom Discussion with Max Cropper, PhD on Performance Improvement

This Zoom Meeting recording was started by Max after a few minutes into our discussion.

This video is 31:43 minutes in length.

2021 – Interview by Myles Runham – Digital & Learning – February 2021

A few simple questions about how leading professionals see their work.

2020 – “eLearning Hype Curve”

Jon Aleckson interviewed Guy as part of his “eLearning Hype Curve” – an annual series.

Jon Aleckson, Ph.D. | Chief Executive Officer Web Courseworks

This video is 21:32 minutes in length. Recorded 2020-12-11.

2020 – A Brief History of Human Performance Improvement (HPI): Talking with Guy Wallace

This video is 36:42 minutes in length. From 2020-10-26. With Jeff Dalto.

2010 – ISPI’s TrendSpotters by Roger Addison & Carol Haig – March 2010 – Guy Wallace on the Lesson Map of Instructional Activities. The Lesson Map of Instructional Activities is a visual, layering, hierarchical tool that design teams in particular can use to great advantage. In addition to the formalities of identifying a specific lesson and its learning objectives, this template captures the design, from left to right, of instructional flow from the Information to be presented, to a Demonstration of how the task is done, to the Application of the content in a practice exercise that enables the learning objective(s) to be met. Lesson Map Lesson Map Lesson Map Blank w copyrights 2010

2005 – ISPI’s TrendSpotters by Roger Addison & Carol Haig – October 2005 – Guy Wallace on how organizations will increasingly transition from an individual focus to a process focus, either begin to collaborate with or actually merge with other organizations that promote/practice LEAN and Six Sigma, and how ROI emphasis will shift from interventions to integrated solutions. TrendSpotters – Guy W. Wallace