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Go For Performance Short Video: Physical Attributes

Does your Instructional Analysis uncover the Physical Attributes required to meet the needs of the standard and the anticipatable, non-standard Process Performance?

Of course, if you’re just shoveling Content to them on Topics, then it doesn’t really matter anyway, does it?


Go For Performance Short Video: Information

INFOs are informed in Lesson Mapping… by the Knowledge & Skills Analysis data which captures and reports out the K/S as linked to the Ideal Performance Data regarding Outputs and Tasks and the Measures for both – as well as the Performance Gap Data. The goal is always to minimize the Information provided, and exclude extraneous information while including what is truly necessary.

Effective Lesson Maps are informed by Performance & K/S Analysis data. Efficient Lesson Maps are informed by Target Audience & Existing Content Analysis Data.

Go for Performance – in your Design of Instruction and Learning Experiences – to add value for your stakeholders rather than potentially subtract value.


Go For Performance Short Video: Probable or Root Causes

pb-ISD: In my view… Instructional Analysis should “Always Establish” – what the Probable or Root Causes are for each of the Performance Gaps, rooted in the Process Design or Execution itself, or from Gaps in the required Environmental Enablers, and/or Human Enablers.


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