Self-Promotional: Toot!

Sorry. But I Had a Good Day Yesterday.

There’s that video interview that I did with Jeff Dalto on Monday and was just published to YouTube.

I got a huge compliment on LinkedIn. That’s always nice.

And my spine specialist said I don’t have to have back surgery but can do physical therapy instead. WHEW!

The Compliment

Thank you, Diane!

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The Video

A Brief History of Human Performance Improvement (HPI): Talking with Guy Wallace

This video is 36:42 minutes in length. From 2020-10-26. With Jeff Dalto.

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For more about the history of HPT or such, please see Rummler’s “The Perils…”:

The Perils In Chronicling the Emergence of Human Performance Technology – Rummler 2003

Oh. Tomorrow will be 12 years since we lost Geary A. Rummler.

And the sadness of that thought causes me to reflect. And that’s better.

Yeah, the Back

That’s something I’ve been dealing with since I was in the Navy, 1972-1975. A back that gets out of whack, every once-in-a-while. Now more often.

Anyway, yesterday was a good day. Hope yours was as well!


ISD/PIBI: A Chat with Authors – Gary DePaul

Instructional Systems Design/ Performance Improvement Beyond Instruction

A Chat with Authors – a new Video Podcast Series on Performance-based Instruction & Performance Improvement Beyond Instruction – hosted by Guy W. Wallace.

I’ve now done two videos in this series.

Gary DePaul

This video is 35:20 minutes in length.

See the Index for the “A Chat with Authors” Video Podcast Series at:


Monday’s School of PACT: F9 PACT Project Planning – Development Teams

This series of Monday Blog Posts in 2020 and into 2021 will present my 55+ Free Videos from the School of PACT – about my ISD set of methodologies that have been field tested in hundreds and hundreds of consulting engagements by me, my business partners and staff going back to 1982, and also in hundreds and hundreds of ISD efforts by my clients and their staffs.

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PACT Practitioner Self-Development and Certification Paths

Here is a page that leads to 5 “PACT Path Pages” – which are intended to provide guidance in using the many Free Resources that Guy W. Wallace offers for the self-development of Performance Competence in the 5 Key PACT Practitioner Roles:

  • PPA– PACT Performance Analyst
  • PCD– PACT CAD Designer
  • PMD– PACT MCD Designer
  • PLD– PACT Lead Developer
  • PPM– PACT Project Manager


These free resources include my lean-ISD book PDF from 1999, plus 20+ audio podcasts, additional videos, many articles and presentations.

Plus search the website for related Blog Posts – as desired.

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