Client Project Overviews: S-T-U

Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.

  • Curriculum Architecture Design for Sales Engineering and their requirements for both Instruction and Information (Procedures Documentation). Guy’s 65th CAD project. 1998.

(See other projects listed under MCC Powers)

Spartan Stores/ISSC

  • Companywide Curriculum Architecture Design. Guy’s 49th performance-based CAD project where the entire organization was included in the project scope. The project was driven by a large-scale business transformation/process re-engineering effort and the need to spec out all the training implications early in the effort. Preliminary, new business process maps were used to create Performance Models and Knowledge/Skill Matrices preceding the CAD design efforts. This was/is the largest CAD project tackled by us to date. 1993.

Sphinx Pharmaceuticals

  • Analysis and Design of a Technology Transfer Training Program for Combinatorial Chemistry. Guy’s 54th performance-based CAD project where the client needed T&D to facilitate the transfer of a very sophisticated set of chemistry processes/methodologies to a foreign customer. Due to an extreme time constrain to produce a design for the potential buyers of the technology, a combined CAD/MCD project was planned, and then a two-day analysis meeting led to a two-day design meeting producing a set of CAD/MCD designs for more than 30 days of lectures, demonstrations, and chemistry lab exercises. 1996. 

Square D Company

  • Quality Training Curriculum Architecture Design. Guy’s 29th performance-based CAD project where the focus was on cross-functional knowledge and skills regarding quality concepts and tools/techniques. 1990.
  • Quality Training Module Design. The use of the PACT Process for MCD, where a design was created for the initial orientation modules of the Quality CAD. 1990.

SunTrust Banks

  • Presentations to Staff on Curriculum Architecture Design and Enterprise Content Architecture. 2010
  • Redesign and development of a Curriculum for 75+ high priority Target Audiences. 2010

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