Resources – For Free: Presentations

The following are free PDFs for you to download – put on your e-readers/laptops/etc. – and otherwise share as appropriate – with appropriate attributions. They are organized into 4 categories:

  1. The PACT Processes (ISD)
  2. T&D Systems view (designing and managing a training/learning function)
  3. EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement (Performance Improvement)
  4. Misc.

For PowerPoint Show versions of Guy’s presentations – please go here.

The PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management Content

The PACT Processes are my ISD – Instructional Systems design processes, methods, tools and techniques – that I have been evolving since 1982 and include Curriculum Architecture design and my version of ADDIE: Modular Curriculum Development.

CAD – NSPI – 1985 – 21 page PDF – this is the first national presentation on the Curriculum Architecture Design methodology which Guy Wallace delivered at the NSPI Conference on April 24, 1985 (the 1st presentation of this was done for the Chicago Chapter of NSPI the previous fall).

 lean-ISD for Training – Lakewood Conf – 1998 – 33 page PDF – Presentation on “lean-ISD” via the PACT Processes for T&D –  at the 1998 Training Conference – by Guy W. Wallace and Pete Hybert – addressing the 3 levels of Instructional Design: CAD –  Curriculum Architecture Design plus MCD – Modular Curriculum Development (the PACT Process version of ADDIE) and IAD – Instructional Activity Development – and their phases, outputs, “sharable content,” and the teams for these approaches to projects.

lean-ISD Masters Series – ISPI – 2001 – 40 page PDF –  Guy Wallace’s 2001 Masters Series presentation at ISPI – this provides the background and an overview of lean applied to ISD – Instructional Systems Design – and the 5 methodology-sets of the PACT Processes for Training, Learning and Knowledge Management. Covers the 5 methodology-sets of the PACT Processes, the background, purpose, outputs, process phases, teams involved.

Push-Pull Knowledge Management Sys – ISPI – 2001 – 42 page PDF – delivered at the ISPI conference in April 2001 – this covers the use of the PACT Processes for Training, Learning and Knowledge Management in the creation of a Knowledge management System for Push target audiences and Pull target audiences. It also cover a 4 phase approach to implementing a KMS.

Project Management – Purdue – 2001  – 15 page PDF – delivered for Jim Russell’s students at Purdue – covers my project planning “activity block diagram” which is the basic building block for all of my project planning at the detailed level, plus the Project Plan task/role/schedule chart format and organization structure that I had been using for my client proposals and project plans since 1982.

Design for the Life Cycle – ISPI – 2003  – 40 page PDF – delivered at the ISPI conference in Boston in April 2003. This covers 7 value variables that need to be addressed to improve the ROI of a training/ learning function.

Performance Modeling and Enabler Analysis – NM ISPI – 2004  – 110 page PDF – this is both the pre-readings and presentation slides from a half-day workshop done for the ISPI New Mexico chapter for their Winter Workshop March 5th 2004. It covers the analysis methods that I had been using and evolving since 1979.

CAD – Norfolk Naval Shipyard – 2003  – 46 page PDF – this presentation led to a CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design effort for the Production organization’s 1st line supervisors and their bosses the Zone Managers.

CAD – CACI – 2004  – 29 page PDF – presentation to the Norfolk office management team on the  CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design methodology, phases, outputs and teams.

Wallace-Thiagi Session handouts – ISPI – 2006  – 13 page PDF – these are from the first of three sessions I did with Thiagi at ISPI Conferences – where we compared and contrasted our two approaches to ISD.

Qualification-Certification Systems – E-Learning Conference- 2008  – 23 page PDF – presentation to the Handshaw e-Learning Conference in Charlotte NC in September 2008 on the performance-based Employee Qualification/Certification System and development of Performance Tests – the subject of Guy W. Wallace’s and Ray Svenson’s 2008 book of the same name.

Project Planning and Management for ISD and HPT Efforts – ISPI – 2009  – 32 page PDF – Guy’s presentation on project planning at ISPI conference in April of 2009 – that was captured on video – see that 90 minute video here.

performance-based Curriculum Architecture Design – January 19, 2012 – at ISPI Central Florida Chapter (CFC) – 20 page PDF of the session handouts – here.

How to Plan and Conduct a Curriculum Architecture Design Effort – and Why – February 15th 2012 – at TRAINING 2012 in Atlanta – 82 page PDF of the slides – here.


T&D Systems View Content

Training & Development Systems takes a process-centric view of the function known as Training & Development, Learning & Development, etc.

 T&D Systems View – ISPI – 2000 – 46 page PDF – from the 2000 ISPI Conference – covers the T&D Systems View from Guy’s eventual 2001 book of the same name.

TDSV – ISPI Fall Conference – 2004 – 84 page PDF – covers assessing the T&D System to identify targets with worthy ROI potential.

TDSV Assessment – 5 Day WS – 2007 – 372 page PDF – created for a 5 day workshop in Russia that never happened. Originally an aggressive/fast-paced 3-day workshop – it was extended due to anticipated language/communications issues.

EPPI Content

EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement – are my performance improvement methods, processes, tools and techniques.

Targeting EPPI – ISPI – 2002 – 47 page PDF – covers Guy’s Performance Improvement methodology – delivered at the ISPI 2002 Fall Conference.

EPPI – ABA OBM – 2003 – 42 page PDF – Invited Speaker – presentation to the Association for Behavior Analysis Conference May 25th, 2003 – on Analysis for EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement.

Changing Human Performance – BP Conference – 2006 – 36 page PDF – Changing Human Performance to Improve Business Processes – delivered at the Business Trends Business Processes Conference in Boston in 2006.

Misc. Content

Strategic Planning for T&D – ISPI – 1996 – 98 page PDF – delivered at the ISPI Conference in 1996 on Strategic Planning for Training & Development functions.

VoC at 3 Levels – ISPI – 2003 – 2010  – 29 page PDF – this was an Encore Session (rated in the top 5 from the previous year) and covers Aligning to the Voice of the Customers at 3 Levels – for ISD/HPT organizations.

Placemat – For Meetings Decision Making – ISPI 2003 Example For Sharing – 2012 – PPT for your editing.


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