Your Analysis Approach for Enabling K/Ss Can Either Help or Hinder Later ReUse

Design Rules and Tools are needed to increase relevant/impactful Content ReUse.

You can ReUse Content many ways – and do it mostly poorly – and end up sharing more content for a bigger negative ROI. Why? How?

If shared content ultimately doesn’t focus on Performance Competence – and impact and improve that, then sharing improvements won’t lead to improved ROI. If your shared content isn’t authentic enough – then Research suggests that only 15% of Learners will be able to learn out of context and then apply to their context. So 85% of the ADDIE-like efforts and costs and then the deployment efforts and costs are not just for naught – they are for negative ROI from the “git-go.” Ouch.



My 17 Knowledge/Skills category – page 1 of 3…

Page 2 of 3…

Page 3 of 3…



It’s covered more extensively in the book: lean-ISD – available as a free PDF here.

Or as a hardbound at here.

Or as a Kindle ebook here.


Early Reviewer Quotes – for lean-ISD – from 1999

From the late Geary Rummler…


From current ISPI President Miki Lane…



From Randy Kohout…

From Jim Russell and John Swinney…

These 17 K/S Categories and the categories of the 5-Tier Enterprise Content Architecture Inventory are part of my “Dewey Decimal System-like” organization scheme for content.

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