The PACTLogic for ECA – Enterprise Content Architecture

The latest Pursuing Performance newsletter addresses the PACTLogic component of the ECA – Enterprise Content Architecture.

Available at: – the the Resource Tab

PACT is 3 levels of ISD and common analysis and project planning & management methods.

PACT is data-based. So what do you do with all of that data?

Organize it? Or leave it to…whatever?

PACT Data Logic

An ECA should organize all of your legacy content. And your “WELL” of reusable objects including text and graphical elements and finished graphics. And all your Lessons Learned data. And links to all of your eternal data sources.

ECA 4-of-4

My ECA would house all of my T&D Paths for every target audience…PUSH or PULL And it would contain all of my design specs and maps for content not yet developed as well as the archives for everything developed at every level of design. And it would hold all of the existing assessments data for all existing content from prior projects.

ECA 2-of-4

And it should house all of the Instructional Activities and Lessons, the components of my modular approach to design in ISD, of all of my T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management offerings.

ECA 1-of-4

As well as a master list of all of our offerings as delivered/deployed. That would be the fourth side to the “box.”

ECA 3-of-4

An ECA via the PACT Processes is not “whatever” – it is not needles in haystacks hard to find and sort – it is not learning by chance – it is not performance by chance.

It is performance-based Information & Instruction linked/driven by the workflow/processes/workstreams of the targets of your investments to eliminate Informal Learning as the only game in town for the learners/Performers in your Enterprise. For ROI.


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