HPT Practitioner Podcast Contest 2008

Help! I have 5 free ISPI 2008 Conference Registrations to give away –

I, on behalf of the Board of ISPI, am looking for 4-5 students who would like to attend the Spring Conference in New York City this April 5-8 for a free registration (travel, meals, etc. are still on your own) IF they agree to take video clips of attendees at the conference following a simple script, and then post-conference produce 10 “mini-movies” each, between 3-5 minutes, with title slides and credit slides to identify the interviewee and the interviewer/video camera-person, and then post the mini-movie on the new HPT Connections site within 30-days.

Think “YouTube” on HPT with HPT Practitioners. For recognition and prizes (TBD)!!!

In addition to the student outputs (40-50 mini-movies) we are inviting anyone and everyone, ISPI members and non-members, to join in and produce and post their own mini-movies of themselves or others while at the conference, or at a local chapter meeting, or at their place of employment, at the park down the street, in the basement….

Also for those recognitions and prizes!!!


All you need is a digital camera that will take movie clips and then for editing/producing your mini-movies you’d use inexpensive/free software such as MS-Movie Maker “(Win) or iMovie (Mac), for instance, for simple editing and titling, etc.

Then before you post them directly to the HPT Connections site you will need to convert the movie file to a Flash Video format (FLV) and you will need to keep the file size to less than 15 MB (the current upload limit). Free software such as Riva FLV Encoder 2 will definitely do the Flash conversion, though you can use other software if available.

Get Started…

Capture any and all HPT Practitioners – using a tripod or just a steady hand – following the following simple 6 point outline. Have them speak into your camera and tell you…

1. Their Name

2. Their Occupation

3. When and how they first got involved in HPT?

4. Who and/or What were their greatest HPT Influences?

5. Tell you a Quick Story about an Interesting Application of HPT that they were involved in. What was the opportunity being addressed, and how did HPT contribute to the effort?

6. Define any HPT Term. Let them chose any term that they’d like to define.

You can ask them each question while you video them, or have them read it from a piece of paper and then look into the camera to give you their responses.

Later edit in an opening and a closing “slide” of some sort – naming the Practitioner – perhaps at the open, and crediting you the producer – perhaps at the close. So get their names’ spellings, etc. when you take their videos. Be creative. Add music, transitions, etc. as your capabilities and equipment allow!

Have fun!

Prizes TBD The Board is working out the details and determining our technological capability to hold a contest of peer-voting for The Best HPT Practitioner Video Podcasts (perhaps the top 3 to 5) for prizes – such as free attendance at next year’s conference, books, etc. Prizes may be awarded for different categories – also TBD – such as best editing; most interesting HPT application, etc.

Please trust our board that the categories and prizes will be appropriate and in the spirit of fun and for learning more about who we HPT Practitioners are.



Please pass this on in your network as appropriate!


Guy W. Wallace, CPT

guy.wallace @eppic.biz

# # #

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