The Employee Bill of Rights – According To 2 Rummlers

Quick Backstory

The late Geary A. Rummler was one of the most influential people in my professional development. I was lucky. I left college and joined a Training Department where I worked side-by-side with two people who had just left working with Geary’s brother, Rick. And also in our department was Geary’s brother-in-law. I became a Rummler-ite. Then I left Wickes Lumber in Saginaw MI for Motorola in Schaumburg IL where I spent 18 months working on a bunch of projects with Geary and Carol Panza. They were “my consultants” – meaning: I got to carry their pencils. I left in the middle of some projects that later became Six Sigma, but that’s another story.

Years later I had occasion to visit with the good doctor and his son/business partner Matt – see above – at their offices in Tucson where we somehow got onto a discussion that led to the following article. Geary sent me this article to publish in my newsletter (at CADDI Inc.) – which I did in the Spring of 2001 – and that article follows.

Here is a PDF of just these next 3 pages: Rummler – Employee Bill of Rights – CADDI 2001 Spring Newsletter

Employee Bill of Rights

Page 2

The Employee Bill of Rights

This is just one of the couple of articles by Geary that I published in my newsletters.

It was an honor to be asked to do so.

A PDF of the CADDI Spring 2001 Newsletter in its entirely may be found – here.

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