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The 55+ Videos Are Just One Element of What I Offer For Free – In

The School of PACT


Go to the Index Page for the 55+ Videos from The School of PACT – HERE.

I had all of these on both Blip.TV and YouTube – and on this web site I used Blip.TV.

But then Blip.TV changed their business model – and all my links went dead. My Videos – these 55+ plus dozens more – are now all live – and linked in my video collection available on the EPPIC YouTube Channel – here.

Designed for Flexibility for Role Assignment-Development

The Video Architecture – content configuration – reflects a need to create either Generalists who do it all – or Specialists who are focused on some aspects of The PACT Processes but not all.

PACT is a set of Methodologies and Tools that can be adopted or adapted as the situation requires – that will focus on the terminal goal of Performance Competence… this model frames the 5 major sets of PACT Practice…


In my consulting practice in projects using the PACT Processes (150+ since 1982) and/or my ISD staff – or my ISD subcontractors – would play one or more (or all) of the following PACT Practitioner Roles… in this graphic…

PACT Practitioner Roles - 7

Those Roles are:

  • PPA – PACT Performance Analyst
  • PCD – PACT CAD Designer
  • PMD – PACT MCD Designer
  • PLD – PACT Lead Developer
  • PPM – PACT Project Planner/Manager
  • PPG – PACT Practitioner Generalist – THEY DO IT ALL.

Not every Enterprise situation allows Role specialization – and not everyone is suited to learn to become a PACT Practitioner of disciplines that these Roles address – IMO.

Besides those Practitioner Roles, there are others, that might include:

  • PCM – PACT Curriculum Manager
  • PDA – PACTool Database Administrator

10 Minute Video Overview of the Series



What’s It All About?

It’s about Performance – not learning.

Performance Competence is…

PC def b3

Of course, one needs to first understand the Stakeholders, and their requirements – including the Customers and their Requirements – and the Constraints the “Performance Context” is in.

PC Def b2

Tasks are just one element of what the analysis must uncover and the design address.

Outputs and their measures must be clear.

Instruction must be “authentic enough” with sufficient Practice in Application to insure transfer.

Or why bother? Send a memo instead.


Many More Resources Are Available

For all of my videos – click on this next graphic…

EPPIC on YouTube

But Wait – There’s More!

Check out the Audio Podcasts as well as the Articles/Chapters/Books and Presentations elsewhere – under the Resources Tab.

PACT Processes Free Audio 12 Pack

For the 12 PACT Audio Podcasts – for downloading for free, please go – here.

But – Does It Work?

Here, on video, are some of my clients and their internal clients and their external subcontractors – at General Motors University in 1997 – where The PACT Processes were being implemented (1996-1999) and were internally known as MC-MI: Modular Curriculum and Modular Instruction.

Start With This Free Book PDF

lean-ISD (1999)

Click on image to link to the download page.

Note: the cover design for “lean-ISD” was created by the late Geary A. Rummler.

Note: Guy W. Wallace’s book ”lean-ISD” – was a recipient of a 2002 Award of Excellence for Instructional Communication from the International Society for Performance Improvement.

Lean-ISD Quote - Rummler

lean-ISD is also available as a $30 paperback book – for more information and/or to order – please go – here.

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