T&D: All Eyes on the Prize

The Prize Being Performance Competence

When everyone – or almost everyone – can perform Tasks to produce Outputs to Stakeholder Requirements – and meet the Quality, Quantity, Cost and Schedule requirements – they’ve acquired the PRIZE.

The Brass Ring, so to speak.


My Default Deployment Modes & Media

Back in 1979 I was guided to think about deployment in something along the lines of these terms. Back then Performance Support was known as Guidance (ala Rummler & Gilbert) or Job Aids (ala Harless and Mager).

Same Diff as we used to say – back in the day. Same Diff.


And I Taught To Start Thinking About Deployment During Analysis

And would the whatever have to be delivered via Group-Paced – or via Self-Paced – or via Coached means?


Not Everyone You Might Include In Your Analysis Always Understands Where the Requirements Come From

But you’d better figure that out too.

Who are the Stakeholders for Tasks and who are the Stakeholders for Outputs and who are the Stakeholders for both?

Perf Req Analysis - Much More Than Task Analysis

Eyes on the Prize

It will take a collaborative effort – between the Supplier-side and the Customer-side of the Value Creation equation.

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