Reflections on Roger Kaufman – RIP

Our last exchange was a short series of emails and a phone call about my next book. He had sent me the following in an email (I excluded the feedback about typos, etc.) the day after I sent him my draft copy – something that I had hoped was 80-90% complete – as I use the draft copy and my Early Reviewers to help cull and fix what needs culling and fixing…

I like the book.  It summarizes and integrate what you know and have accomplished. I just took the day off and waded right in.

You and I could argue about terms and models, but at a different time and place.  (You know how hard it was for me not to edit each time ’need’ is used as a verb?)

Possible pulls:

Disappointed in efforts to design and conduct instructional analysis?  Take Guy and this book with you to mentor measurable success.

Take your current performance improvement books and put this one on top.  It details methods for real success.

Want to deliver instructional success.  It is here: clear, concise, complete, and friendly.

Or?  ?

Thanks for involving me.


Prior to that we had talked a few months ago about doing another HPT Video, our 4th, and in a phone conversation about what I’d like to cover and my questions about “what would he like to cover” he made reference to Lessons in Making Lemonade.

That was an online cartoon strip I did 2010-2013 and then turned into two books.

THAT blew me away.

And then he mentioned some of the strips that I had long ago forgotten about. So I had to tell him that he was the inspiration for Professor John Burley – and he knew who I was talking about.

This morning I re-listened to Roger being interviewed by Will Thalheimer on the Truth in Learning Podcast from earlier this year (here – starting at the 44:25 mark) and that had me recall my conversation with Roger back in the mid-1990s when he wanted to give me some feedback about a 1995 article that I had just had published.

Roger wanted me to think about adding Society at the top of the Stakeholder Hierarchy – on top of the Government.

And so I did. Too late for that article – but in all my subsequent writings I included that – which was also a topic in our phone call about my next book as that includes a chapter on Stakeholders and how it is that they establish the Measures for Tasks and Outputs.

I often pair two images – one influenced by Tom Gilbert and others – and the other influenced by Roger Kaufman and others.

Roger had written: “You and I could argue about terms and models, but at a different time and place.  (You know how hard it was for me not to edit each time ’need’ is used as a verb?)”

I was intending to get back to him on that after I finalize that next book. After I had searched for the word “need” being used as a verb and fixed that of course. Something still on my “punch list.” I guess that’ll be the first thing I do after finishing this post.

If you are not familiar with Roger’s work – I suggest that you start with the collection he contributed to HPT Treasures – here. But please know that what we’ve assembled here is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

RIP Roger. And thank you.

See My First Friday Favorite Guru post about Roger from 2013: Roger Kaufman – October 2013 – here.

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