Quit Throwing Your Output Over the Transom

A Transom is an opening above the door – both interior doors and exterior doors.

Back in the 1980s while at Motorola, I often heard a phrase from people in the Quality/ Total Quality Management movement – that went something like this – too many processes produce their outputs and then throw them over the transom to the next operation and never get feedback for their own improvement purposes.

Those who start off their pitch for an idea, product, or service with such Strawman Arguments that all ISD/LXD Processes are waterfall approaches – don’t know what they are talking about. They are overgeneralizing.

I was taught different – starting back in August 1979 – about an ADDIE-like approach that didn’t operate in such a Waterfall/Throw it over the Transom manner. I have operated my ISD projects as an employee and as a consultant since 1982 – on hundreds of consulting engagements – differently than said Waterfall approaches.

In the late-1980s I framed my ISD processes – getting ready to sell them and training for the ISD Practitioners – similar to this model … which was 1 of 3 levels of Design. MCD is the middle level.

Several of my books addressed my approach (one in 1999 and several in 2011) and I updated them all with an emphasis on conducting ANALYSIS in each and every phase – to avoid Analysis Paralysis – and getting it done correctly, effectively, and efficiently without getting bogged down.

A review…

The review above, by Connie Malamed … can be viewed here.

And then from a Twitter exchange afterward…

“… a true Classic” is high praise indeed. I’d let it go to my head if I didn’t need to share such acclaim with my many mentors who taught me directly & indirectly starting in 1979 “How To” conduct pb Instructional Development efforts for the benefit all of all the stakeholders.

See all of my books on my Amazon Authors Page: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B08JQC4C4V


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