Breaking Skills Down and Out Isn’t the End of the Process

The Unholistic approaches of some, where they break things like knowledge and skill – or competencies – down and out – and then share/teach them in isolation – as if “that’s the ticket” – to UpSkilling or ReSkilling – is short-sighted at best – and a waste of Shareholder Equity as well.

Few can learn “out of context” and apply in “a new context” – as Dick (Richard E.) Clark shared with me back in 2012 – and that’s exactly what we are doing when our T&D/L&D doesn’t include the authentic context of our learners/Performers.

Some do this believing that that broadens their audience for each Micro-Learning chunk, when all it does is take “knowledge” or “skills” and isolates them from their true Performance Competence context – the ability to produce Outputs, by performing Tasks, that both meet Stakeholder Requirements.

We need specific skills to be taught/learned in context, not generalized skills deployed or made accessible in isolation of that context.


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