Maximizing Practice with Feedback in Simulation Exercises

I always sought ways to maximize the hands-on Practice with Feedback time for each of my Participants (Learners) in as-authentic an Exercise as possible.

So I divided the Simulation roles into 3 and focused the time in each round on the key communications behaviors and decisions needed back-on-the-job. And to reduce the passivity of the Role-Players they were to be either the Foil – or the Observer (besides the Session Facilitator).


I always wanted each Session Participant to sit in the HOT SEAT at least three times. And to observe and report-out factual data (and opinion data as appropriate) after each round. And to remind each Red Role Player what feedback they got the last time before they went back into the HOT SEAT.

This works well in F2F sessions as well as Virtual Sessions. When you are replicating (and simplifying some of it) real-world performance that involves Interpersonal Skills – the Simulation Exercise helps make it real enough to build competence and confidence to help affect Transfer and have a positive Impact back on the job.


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