T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management/ Performance-Aids/ EPSS/ Etc. "Systems" – Results Oriented – Or Why Bother?

Much has been written about “Learning in the Workflow” – and while that is not only feasible and practical for many jobs – it doesn’t fit all jobs. It’s situational. As always, it depends.

Sometimes “learning in the workflow” is way too late. Way.

Sometimes “learning in the workflow” is needed after learning prior to the need. And then it is re-enforcing or a reminder-aid… a “job/performance aid” for use “in the workflow” after being oriented to the “aid” in both content-terms and systems-terms…PRIOR!

But in any event-the returns expected for the investments should drive resourcing. Or not.

Thus… the “80% of learning” job content being informal.

It’s not all about Learning. Not in an Enterprise context.

It’s about the CONC compared to the COC. As in: “Cost-of-Non-Conformance” and “Cost-of-Conformance.” The “costs for leaving things as they are” and “the costs of fixing it.”

That’s why one should “bother” with performance and learning.

That’s why the Enterprise should bother. For ROI – however one ‘s Enterprise calculates it. However THEY calculate it! Not how you calculate it!!! How they calculate it!

Learn that! Know that! Use that!

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