Investing Good Money After Bad in Enterprise Learning

If it weren’t Illegal In some Countries – the smartest investment some enterprises could make in Learning would be to take their entire budget for Learning – and burn it in the parking lot.

Why? To avoid …

Investing Good Money After Bad

General Rule: You don’t want to follow a bad money investment with mo money.

Not unless that mo money goes to fix the first issue.

Don’t ship garbage and wait to let warranty or customer complaints or loss of customers to competition sort itself out. Don’t.

If you build and/or buy Learning Content that isn’t authentic enough – and then deploy it or make it accessible – you’ve jumped the shark and have spent good money after bad – all for a nil or negative result, ROI, or whatever you wanna call it.


Your generalizable skills development modules will have meager Returns, Results or whatever you wanna call it. A bad investment. Don’t follow that with Deploying them, or making them Accessible and further the nil or negative return.

Burn that content.

It won’t transfer because it isn’t authentic enough.

Burn it in a garbage bin where legal, or burn that content to the archive files.

But don’t make it available for additional waste. Don’t.


In PACT the practice exercises – are labeled: APPOs – which is short for: Applications Exercises.

Start your design with these APPOS, or whatever you wanna call them…


Then determine if any DEMOs are needed in between the APPOs and the INFOs.

You Can Map That

Here is an example Lesson Map – with the INFO-DEMO-APPO framework – which I created and first used on a 1991 project with Illinois Bell.


Of course the design is only as good as the analysis data and insights – and its authenticity.

When I do analysis I am always thinking: APPO-DEMO-INFO.

Here is another example, an example from that first Illinois Bell effort of Lesson Mapping (or Specifying) in 1991…

1990 Ill Bell Labor Relations Detailed Design Document_Page_078

It should be all about Performance too.


And not the “it’s as easy as 1-2-3!” – but more here are the basics to master, then up the ante with more realistic challenges – right from the analysis data about Performance – and the Gaps …


How else could you get to authentic practice with appropriate feedback?

Practice that will more likely transfer – if there are reinforcement supports in place – and if there are no barriers to that transfer that are not addressed.

For that too could get in the way of Transfer and Returns – and should have been anticipated and addressed.

Or that Learning Content should be burned.

Before anyone invests more good money after bad.

# # #

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