Mo Data – Ain’t Better Data

And Without The Context – It’s Quite Meaningless

And Beware: GIGO!

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GIGO = Garbage In – Garbage Out.

In Learning – and everywhere else.

“They’re Going to Rank and Rate You” 

Here is a video clip of Bill Wiggenhorn, quoting the late Geary A. Rummler, at the ISPI Rummler Tribute in 2009.

Check out this quote at the 10:50 minute mark:

“… Beware of false prophets called HR people

… they’re going to come in with whiz bang tools

… they’re going to rank and rate you

… and tell you what you should be doing

… but they don’t understand the organization.”

Truer words were seldom spoken – way too often – about HR – and Learning & Talent – and  Analytics – and Etc., Etc.

IMO. Your’s may vary.


To me – it’s not about Learning, HR or Analytics.

It’s all about Performance. Even in a Learning Organization.

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