HPT Video: John Swinney

John Swinney

John is a long time Performance Technologist and member of NSPI/ISPI.

I served on the board of ISPI 1999-2001 when John was President-Elect and then President. He had talked me into running for the board – and I was happy to pay it forward by paying it back in that manner. He was in one of my client organizations and we got a chance to work together on one of the several projects I had with them.

And then later when I became President-Elect in 2002 I asked him to chair a Task Force to help the Society “Clarify HPT” based on a Rummler suggestion in the Society’s Performance & Instruction Journal in 1983.

I always enjoyed John’s stories about NSPI and folks like Rummler and Harless from before I joined and attended conferences – as he was a member of NSPI about 8 years before I joined.

We also had both served in the Navy. And I was always impressed with the number of guitars he owned. He had dozens. I had 4 – now 3 – and still can’t play. And he can play.


Video is 33:07 in length.

Thanks John!

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