T&D: My Use of the Phrase “Structured OJT” Goes Way Back

This continues my little rant expressed in a Blog Post from several days ago – and another following that – about some of my former colleagues who seem to be reworking some of my past work on “OJT – On-the-Job Training” and presenting it as their own.

That recent article of theirs caused me to Google the term/phrase “Structured OJT” – which uncovered the “fact” (cough cough) that the term was coined in 1995. That struck me, as I’m pretty sure I’d been using the term/phrase since the mid-to-late 1980s.

So I began a search of my files.


I have quarterly newsletters on my website going back to 1986 – so I searched each one.

I found the earliest use of that phrase in a Summer of 1988 newsletter in an article that referenced one of my CAD project’s Target Audiences from a project done 2 years earlier (1986).


And this Summer of 1993 newsletter use of the term/phrase in one of my CAD templates.


Un-Structured OJT was my term/phrase for what later became known as Informal Learning – where a need uncovered in a CAD effort – would not be addressed via formal Instruction – as the ROI was perceived to be negative or nil.


U-OJT – As an Option – Just Because…

A Tweet from 2009…


And an updated version from 2019…


# # #

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