T&D: Hat Overload?

As a partner in a 2 consulting firms before going solo in 2002 I found that most ID/ISD consultants hired onto our staff were not Jack-of-All-Trades – and that my best use of them was to use them for what they were really good at.

For example I found that most good Analysts were not good Designers – and vice versa. However – note that I used the qualifier “most” vs “all”.

I did have people on my staffs that were “switch hitters” so to speak. But they seemed rare – across the population of ISDers that I worked with on my staffs and my clients’ staffs.


So my ISD methods (the PACT Processes for T&D) were designed/developed for a “divide and conquer” strategy – where I segregated 5 key roles – not including “Developers” who might need to be masters of the ever evolving “media” as technology evolved.

If interested in what and how I did that – for adopting or adapting – check out the resources I have for the 5 Key Roles of the PACT Processes – not including all of those “Developers of the various Media” – here.

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