Back in the Day: Negotiating with Neil Rackham

Dateline: February 9, 1982.

Reflections. After a successful Pilot Test session of Huthwaite’s Win-Win Negotiating training course, I had a tentative meeting scheduled with Neil Rackham – should he make it in to the western Chicago suburbs from his home/offices in Reston Virginia.

I was to negotiate on Motorola’s behalf, the adaptation of that training course, delivered by John Carlisle and Richard Graham for 3 audiences within Motorola – Purchasing Agents, Sales People and Government Contract Negotiators.

That Pilot conducted in Phoenix was a huge success. Although I had a “Punch List” of adaptations my internal clients were wanting. My meeting with Neil was to discuss that – if he made it into Chicago’s western suburbs given the weather forecasted – single digits Fahrenheit – hence the question mark on my calendar entry.

One of the things from that Pilot Test that stuck with me was the Red-Blue Game that John introduced during the session. I had a transcript of an audio recording produced (by a law firm in Phoenix) after the Pilot Test session – and it included the instructions for the Red-Blue Game – which is a test of a group’s willingness to go for a Win-Win versus a Win-Lose or Lose-Lose result from a negotiation. I share those instructions next.

John discusses that game in an HPT Video I did with him last year (2020) via Zoom – with him in Sheffield England and me in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina.

I also include here a video of Neil Rackham I did last year F2F in the wilderness of Virginia – before the pandemic hit.

HPT Video 2020 – with Neil Rackham

This video is 83:52 minutes in length.

HPT Video 2020 – with John Carlisle

This video is 100:58 minutes in length.

My time at Motorola – 1981-1982 – was a huge part of my Professional Development – working with Rackham, Carlisle, Geary A. Rummler, Ray Svenson, and our leader at MTEC – Motorola’s Training & Education Center, Bill Wiggenhorn.

I have HPT Videos of all 5 of them – see the index here.

Lucky me.


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