My Next Book Is Out For Early Reviews

pb-ISD: Reviewing the proof of my 17th book on Instructional Systems Design and/or Performance Improvement, since the 1st in 1994.

It’s now out for Early Reviewer feedback & reviews.

I hope to publish this in September or October – depending on the amount of corrective feedback I get by the end of August.

It’ll be priced $25 USD for the Paperback, and $20 USD for the Kindle.

My First Use of a Lesson Map

I first started doing pb Lesson Maps in 1990 for a consulting gig with Illinois Bell on Labor Relations for New Supervisors. It was the first time I had used the FGP – Facilitated Group Process for Design at this level, as I had been doing for Analysis and Design meetings with Curriculum Architecture Design projects as a consultant since 1982.

Here is an example of current-day Lesson Map – a mock-up – used in this new book…

The first articles on my use of the FGP I co-authored were published way back in 1984 with Training Magazine…

… and with the NSPI Journal…

I prefer conducting Analysis and Design with teams/groups of Master Performers, Other Subject Matter Experts, and sometimes Supervisors/Managers and sometimes Novice Performers.

From the 1984 NSPI article…

Some Videos

Here’s a couple of webinar videos that I did with ISPI chapters from the past few years that cover these Lesson Mapping Analysis and Design methods…

ISD Analysis Data and Lesson Mapping – ISPI BABS Webinar

From April 2019. This video is 40:38 minutes in length.

performance-based Lesson Mapping – ISPI SoCal Webinar

From March 2, 2021. This video is 51:56 minutes in length.

My prior books


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