The 1984 Performance Based Approach to ISD and PI

Note: Today is the anniversary of my 39th year as an ISD Consultant.

I’ve been doing performance-based Instructional Analysis, Design and Development since August 1979 – and had worked at Wickes Lumber and then Motorola before joining Ray Svenson in his small consulting firm – where I was the 4th person on the payroll – joining on November 1, 1982.

I became a Principle and then a full Partner a few years later.

Here is my calendar page from that day – 40 years ago – when Ray and I flew down to Houston so I could work on helping our Exxon clients develop 2 modules from the 2nd CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design that I had worked on 2 weekends the prior summer, designing the T&D Path and Planning Guide, and modular content – all Self-Paced or Coached modules, while I was still an employee at Motorola.

That first night we also delivered an evening session to NSPI Houston on the Group Process approach to Performance Modeling – at the time we were calling it Job Modeling – but then I started addressing multiple jobs – and calling it a Job Model no longer made sense.

The Group Process is kinda how Design Thinking and Agile approaches are done – using Teams – and so you’ll kinda understand better why I call both WIONA – What’s Old Is New Again.

39 years ago today. Whew!

In 1983 we wrote 2 articles about our methods and submitted one to the NSPI Journal and then a couple of months later we submitted the next to Training Magazine – hoping that they’d be published in that order. Didn’t happen.

The Training Magazine came out first in September 1984 – 11 months after we submitted it, and the NSPI (now ISPI) Journal article came out 2 months later – a cycle time of 15 months.

Today we can just pop it up onto the Internet without any middlemen or extended cycle times.

I believe this brochure is from 1986 based on the number of Curriculum Architecture Design projects I had done…

Free Resources

CAD – Training Mag – 1984 – 6 page PDF – the first publication about Curriculum Architecture Design via a Facilitated Group Process – published in Training Magazine in September 1984. Original manuscript (30 pages) – How to Build a Training Structure That Won’t Keep Burning Down.

Models and Matrices- NSPI PIJ -1984 – 5 page PDF – the first publication of the performance and enabler analysis methods for ISD using a Facilitated Group Process, from NSPI’s (ISPI’s) Performance & Instruction Journal, November 1984.

Teaming for T&D GWW 1999 – 5 page PDF – on my story of inadvertently creating a team – out of frustration with too many revision cycles for a video script I was writing –  for training development back in 1979 – and liking the approach for using a Group Process to shorten cycle times and improve the quality of the output.

Modeling Mastery Performance and Systematically Deriving the Enablers for Performance Improvement – by Guy W. Wallace, CPT – Chapter 11 of the Handbook of Human Performance Technology – 3rd Edition – 2006.  This methodology was first published in this 1984 article in ISPI’s (then NSPI’s) PIJ in November 1984.

Performance-based ISD – ISPI PX 12-part Series – 2007 – 122 page PDF – an update in 12-parts to my 1999 book: lean-ISD – which covers my ISD methods: The PACT Processes for T&D, Learning and Knowledge Management. Published in ISPI’s PerformanceExpress during the 12 months of 2007.

My Last 3 Books – from 2020 and 2021

performance-based Lesson Mapping

My latest book (#17) was just reviewed by Bill Brandon at The Learning Guild’s Learning Solutions online magazine.

See that review – here.

My 17 Books Since 1994 are all available at Amazon

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