Video: A Chat with Authors 2022 – Roger Addison

Performance Architecture: The Art and Science of Improving Organizations 

Performance Architecture — The Art and Science of Improving Organizations is a hands-on guide to real world techniques for improving performance within the workplace. This important book explores the Human Performance Technology Landscape model that was presented in the bestselling book, the third edition of Handbook of Performance Technology.

Framed by the Landscape model and supported by other proven models and tools, the book provides effective structures for anyone who needs to develop their performance improvement skills and knowledge and achieve results. A cutting-edge resource, this book draws on the experiences of the authors in combination with the work of notables in human performance technology, including Geary Rummler, Don Tosti, Judith Hale, Dale Brethower, Roger Kaufman, and many others. The authors identify and demonstrate how performance at three levels (worker: individual/team, work: process/practice, workplace: organization) impacts results in organizations. They also show how to scale performance improvement activities and apply them successfully to projects or initiatives of various sizes.

Roger Addison

Dr. Roger M. Addison, CPT, is the founder of Addison Consulting and an internationally respected practitioner of Performance Technology (PT) and performance consulting. He was the Senior Director Of Human Performance Technology for the International Society for Performance Improvement. Roger was Vice President and Manager at Wells Fargo. His responsibilities included executive coaching and education, change management and partnering with line managers to improve performance. He consults with Fortune 500 organizations to help them align their business requirements with bottom line results. Roger has successfully implemented performance improvement initiatives in a number of organizations. Roger is Certified in Performance Technology.

Roger is a frequent speaker at the International Society For Performance Improvement (ISPI), the International Federation of Training and Development Organisations (IFTDO) and the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). Topics include: Performance Technology, Performance Architecture, Reengineering, Information Design, Mentoring, Consulting, Project Management and Communication Networks.

Roger is a past president of ISPI and past Chair of the Board for IFTDO. Roger has received ISPI’s awards for Member of the Year, Organization of the Year, and Outstanding Product. In 1998 he received ISPI’s highest award, Member for Life.. As an international delegate to IFTDO and ISPI conferences, Roger has worked and presented in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
In 2011 Roger was selected as a Skinner Lecturer for the Association for Behavior Analysis International, Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) Network.

Specialties: Performance Consulting
Certified in Performance Technology/Improvement

The Video

This video is 33:28 minutes in length.

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