I’m Not a Fan of Silver Bullets or Arrows

Your Quiver Requires Multiple Arrows – including Curiosity.

Those who follow me know I’m focused on the Products/Outputs of Processes – and the demands/requirements of the downstream chain of customers and their stakeholders.

If you’re curious, you just might find something that you think might help you and your enterprise.

But then you’ll need to implement it, to formally operationalize it.

Curiosity is at the one end, operationalizing it is at the other end.

And then Curiosity drives the Cycles of Continuous and/or Discontinuous Improvement, not haphazardly, but in an effective and efficient manner. Think Process Again.

Rummler and others started my focus on Processes back in 1979, and then Deming and others reinforced it in 1981.

Lucky me, I often think to myself, if not damn lucky me.


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