My 1st Friday Favorite Guru: Roger Kaufman

From 9 years ago!

EPPIC - Pursuing Performance


This month we start the First Friday of October 2013 with another of my favorite gurus…

Roger Kaufman

I first learned of Roger Kaufman when first attending NSPI  – now ISPI, the International Society for Performance Improvement conferences. That would have been 1980, 18 years after Roger helped found the Society, back in 1962.  He’s been to all but one conference since the first.

R Kaufman

I have enjoyed Roger’s, and his lovely wife Jan’s company on many conference occasions – and I love his continued attempts to refocus those of us at ISPI and elsewhere, on the big picture and mega…

Talk About Social Responsibility

Roger calls it Mega.

From Wikipedia

Kaufman has developed a model for strategic thinking and planning he calls “Mega Planning.” Kaufman argues that many organizational planning models incorrectly begin, and end, with internal or organizational performance and therefore fail to provide organizations a chance to plan…

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