Sometimes Learning in the Moment Is Just Too Damn Late

Many things can be learned in the moment of need. Even using Mobile Learning (a misnomer for the most part) for a lot of the Performance requirements – to enable Performance.

Sometimes you can just look it up – when you’re mobile – do the performance – and then forgetaboutit – as they say.

hardly learning.

Sometimes things need to be learned in advance of the moment of need. And learned damn well – that’s a technical phrase, damn well – or damn well enough.

Take this F-16 Pilot in the 63 second video below – and think about knowing what to do in this moment of need…

And the Air Traffic Controls – who you hear on the radio. And the Emergency Crews who responded before the $70 Million airplane hit the ground – built by the low bidder – as they say. Knowing what to do before the moment of need. Very damn well.

Bird: One – F-16: Zero.

Pilot’s Training Priceless – but it comes at a huge cost – ii was very Formal, and done over and over again, spaced learning and drill and practice – until they get it – yep – very damn well.

Of course, most of all Opportunities that exist to Train Formally should not be undertaken Formally – in the modern Enterprise – but there are some. Most performance however could be handled with a Job/Performance Aid – or with Informal Social Learning.

It’s always a business decision – even in a Learning Organization.

It’s a decision with consequences – any way you look at it.

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