L&D: Consider Structured-OJT for the 20 in the 70-20-10 Framework

Although I Would Flip It To 10-20-70

Sometimes Structured OJT offers a more timely response to a Learning Need – especially where the trial and error approach of Informal Learning is inappropriate. Informal Learning isn’t inappropriate for everything. Sometimes it is.

As Always – It Depends.


Resources Instead of Courses?

The job Environment might offer ready made resources for an OJT approach. Sometimes expert guidance is better than self-guidance.


But It’s Still All About the R for the I

Just because a valid Learning Need can be defined – does not in and of itself warrant addressing it with Enterprise Resources: time and money. It’s a Business Decision.

And you can use it for some of the 70 as well…

S-OJT Slide 3.png

20 and 70.

If there isn’t enough R for the I – then just leave it alone. Leave it it to Informal Learning. That’s a Business Decision.

You can still name it and place it on a T&D/L&D Path. To provide some guidance for the newbie learner/Performer.


You can still support both S-OJT and U-S-OJT by training – and perhaps certifying – the Coaches necessary for deployment. Or mentors. Whether they be supervisors, peers, or others in the Enterprise.

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