HPT Legacy Video: Paul Elliott

Paul Elliott, PhD

Paul H. Elliott is the President of Exemplary Performance, LLC based in Annapolis, Maryland. He is also affiliated with Shift – a firm specializing in improving engagement of the workforce.

This video is 1:15:54 in length.

Dr. Elliott’s expertise is in the analysis of human performance, the design of interventions that optimize human performance in support of business goals, and strategies for transitioning from training to performance models. Dr. Elliott assists organizations in performance analysis, instructional design, product and process launch support, design of advanced training systems, and the design and implementation of integrated performance interventions.

Dr. Elliott received his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Illinois. He received his M.S. in Instructional Technology from Syracuse University and a B.A. in Psychology from Rutgers University. Co-author of Exemplary Performance: Driving Business Results by Benchmarking Your Star Performers. Dr. Elliott frequently presents at various national and international conferences. He delivered a keynote presentation, entitled Moving from Wants-based to Results-based Performance, at ASTD’s first Performance Summit in 2004.

He has published multiple articles in journals, including one entitled “Power-Charging People’s Performance” which appeared in the December 1996 issue of Training and Development. His publications also include a chapter on ‘Assessment’ in Moving From Training to Performance, edited by Dana Gaines Robinson & James C. Robinson (ASTD & Berrett Koehler, May 1998), ‘Job Aids’ in the Handbook of Human Performance Technology, edited by Harold Stolovitch and Erica Keeps (ISPI & Jossey-Bass, March 1999) and ‘Job Aids’ in Performance Intervention Maps, edited by Ethan S. Sanders and Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan (ASTD and ISPI, September 2001).

And check out his book: Exemplary Performance – coauthored with Al Folsom (2013):

The authors’ tested method for benchmarking exemplary performance has proven successful across multiple industries such as telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and high technology. In this book, Paul H. Elliott and Alfred C. Folsom outline what it takes to prioritize performance efforts to identify the true stars and create models of optimal performance for critical roles within an organization. Exemplary Performance also shows how to architect the changes required to shift the performance curve.


Elliott and Folsom include the common characteristics that star performers share and describe the role of leadership that enables high performance. The book stresses the need to align the multiple influences that can support or inhibit high performance. Step by step, the book explores how to address such critical issues as training, readiness, and performance support, as well as proven methods for hiring and assigning the right people for the right job.

Exemplary Performance provides a clear path to help organizations translate this business strategy into measurable results.

To read more or order on Amazon – go here.

Paul Is a Joe Harless Devotee 

Paul and I met at an NSPI Conference sometime back in the 1980s.

We recently saw each other back at the 2012 ISPI Conference in Toronto when I video recorded Joe Harless doing a session, and Paul introduced Joe and Joe’s co-presenter, Carl Binder. Paul also threw a dinner in Joe’s honor one evening and I was extremely grateful to be invited.

Paul has been on my HPT Video Target List for years – and now that I am doing these via Skype and Camtasia – we no longer had to sit together face-to-face to get ‘er done.

Connect with Paul 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/paul-h-elliott-607394

His Exemplary Performance Website: www.exemplaryperformance.com

His Shift Website: www.shiftthework.com


Phone: 410-353-5121

My Collection of HPT Practitioner and HPT Legacy Videos

I have over 60 videos – see the Index – here.

My goal when I began these in 2008 was to portray both the diversity of HPT Practice and the Practitioners. Check them out!

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