Weekend Reflections – 2019-07-20

Rounding the 4th Turn and Into the Stretch

Many of you know I have a New Knee. And some of you know I also have a Newest Knee.

A week ago Thursday I had the second knee replacement surgery – 12 weeks after the first.

And on the 10th day out – the Newest Knee feels much further along than the New Knee.

These knees have been bothering me for 7 years – on and off – due to arthritis. Last August the pain came to both and never left. I vowed to do something when my latest project came to an end at the end of 2018.

I schedule an appointment for January 7, 2019 way back in August 2018. That led to gel shots which worked for one knee but not the other.

That led to my decision to quit avoiding surgery. The pain was just too much and the impact to my quality of life as getting worse and worse.

Weeked Reflections 2019-07-20.png

So I’ve been considering Competence again – of my doctors, surgical staff, nurses – and myself.

Doctor Competence

This doctor was fabulous to work with from the git-go.  A++++++++.

His procedure doesn’t cut any muscle or tendons. If any doctor you are considering doesn’t do that as well – keep searching – IMO.

See his site at: https://jiffyknee.com/

He’s on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jiffyknee/?ref=br_rs


To show my appreciation – I did a video for the doctor – see below.

Surgical Staff Competence

I can’t speak to their work – as I wasn’t really  there for the surgery – but the results speak for them. So A+++.

I thanked the staff as I left the doctor’s office on day 6 of the Newest Knee.

Nurses Competence

My lead Nurse was the same for both knee surgeries – and she was fantastic.

I had 5 nurses in all. 4 were very competent. The other ignored my complaints about pain in my left hand for 2 hours – which was blowing up as an IV leaked/missed the vein. Thankfully a shift change changed my luck, and pain. So four A+++s and one D.

I took them a bunch of donuts as I headed out of town on Day 6.

Hospital Staff Competence

The staff at the hospital were also very good. From Food Services to Physical Therapists to roaming doctors and case workers. A+ for all of them.

Patient Competence

Do the PT – Physical Therapy.

After getting the New Knee I bought an exercise bike similar to the one they had me using in my Physical Therapy. I had to suspend its use – 30 minutes each morning – when the Newest Knee (to be) started hurting with every step after the gel shots from January started to wear off. I’ll be back on the exercise bike starting Monday.

I also downloaded a free App to manage my drug intake – I have to take 4 different types. Medisafe – which works very well.

My reward is yet to fully be realized. But I can see light at the end of this 7 year tunnel.

No grade yet.

# # #

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