Guy on “Strategic Planning for Training & Development” – ISPI 1996 Session

I recorded new audio in 2012 for my 1996 slides from the 1996 ISPI Conference.

I was involved, peripherally, in SWI’s (Svenson & Wallace, Inc) Strategic Planning for T&D consulting work, as that was the baby of the late Ray Svenson, my business partner, 1982-1997. I worked the engagements end-to-end – but always in a support role.

I first met Ray when he was doing this kind work for Bill Wiggenhorn at Motorola back in 1981. Our organization, the forerunner of Motorola University, MTEC – Motorola’s Training & Education Center, was brand new when I joined in the spring of 1981. I left Motorola to join Ray, and my former wife (Karen), in November 1982 after 18 months at Motorola. Bill had arranged Ray to meet that wife, who was also in the ISD biz.

I assisted Ray on a dozen or more efforts from 1983 on – efforts that typically generated a CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design project or two. That’s where the efforts generally became mine. I had also co-presented with Ray (and sometime Karen) at NSPI, ASTD, IEEE, and Lakewood Conferences on Strategic Planning for T&D going back to the early-1980s.

This video is 64:12 minutes in length.

I addressed SP for T&D in my 2001 book: T&D Systems View – at 1 O’clock.

For more info about this book, please go – here.


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